Wednesday, May 9, 2012

so now who?

What seems like ages ago I posted about who Baby Cormac resembles most: myself or Hubby?  Read that post {here.}

Now that he is past the nine month point, let's revisit the topic, shall we?

Here is me - my nine months photo:

And here is Cormac, nine months.
 Look, we have the same creepy baby hands!  
This is me on my 1st birthday.  
I was still rather bald, and clearly enjoying that cone!

...and here is Cormac, clearly wanting to enjoy that camera strap:

Here is my adorable husband as a babe,  getting his long baby locks trimmed...
{I have no idea how old he is, but he looks less than a year???}
that guy does not look like a barber!
...and Cormac, with his own long baby locks:
And finally,  Hubby on his first birthday. 
 Isn't he so sweet and happy?  And look at that hair!!!

Come on...he looks a little like me.
He got my giant dome/forehead.
The hair is clearly from his Dada, though.  

Happy Wednesday!