Thursday, September 15, 2011

{so...who does he look like?}

As a new mom I get this question a lot:
"So who does he look like?"
Then the person will stare in puzzlement at the baby, then at me, then at baby, then at Hubby...
and most of the time they decide:
"Oh, he looks like his Daddy!"
{ that because they are both males???}

Whenever I get asked this, I always think: 
Is this a trick question?
'Cause he is less than two feet tall and mostly bald,
barely opens his eyes
and drools a lot.
To me he looks like a typical baby
and not much like either of us.

Oh I know what these well-meaning folks mean...
whose features does he have?

My answer is usually:  
"I have no idea."

So to better prepare myself for the next time I'm asked,
I decided to dig up some pictures...

Here we all are as newborns
and then at a few months old:





Hmmmm...I think...
he looks like both of us???
I'm still confused.

You be the judge.

Much love,


  1. His nose and mouth and your eyes. :)

    Fun, fun! I gotta dig out our baby photos. Although I hear is how he looks exactly like daddy.....

  2. I know it is hard when they are so young to really tell, but as time goes on you will be able to tell more. When I was always asked this question when I had my son, my family said he looked like me, and his daddy's family said he looked like his daddy.

  3. That was fun looking at the pictures and comparing. It's impossible to say who he looks like, just that he is adorably cute!

    It seems like to me that when they are babies one week they look like one parent and the next they look like they other. In time though we will get to see if he got the super hero chin!!! That's what I want to know :-)

  4. Oh, Greta, I'd say he's a perfect mixture of you both!! He's utterly adorable!! So, so cute!


  5. I think he has your eyes and everything else looks like Paul. Just wait till he is 6 months, he will change completely!


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