Wednesday, September 18, 2013

six years

Recently Hubby and I celebrated six years of being married.
I would have to say that year number six was one of the harder ones (the hardest being the first year!)

Right after our 5th anniversary last September I found out that I was pregnant -- surprise!  This was right during our move into our "dream home" - a major fixer-upper that we had a million projects we wanted to get complete before we had another baby.  In fact, I had spent weeks lifting tons of heavy boxes and furniture, bringing it to the new house -- while unknowingly pregnant.   Whoops.

Moving and renovating a home is stressful on a marriage to begin with, and adding a pregnancy and having a toddler, makes it even rougher.  Thankfully Hubby took it all in stride and we changed up our renovation plans to get set for the baby.

In the last year we endured a full kitchen renovation that lasted over a month, several other major renovation projects including new flooring in the kids rooms and a new roof.

We had also already planned a romantic beach getaway - and while I thought the pregnancy might foil that, it still ended up being incredibly fun.

My point of all this is -- I clearly have been blessed with an exceptional husband.  He rolls with the punches with ease, even when I want to crumble to pieces.  We don't have a perfect marriage (how utterly dull would that be???) - we disagree and fight and struggle and make mistakes and have to forgive each other constantly.  But we do it.  Because that is what you do when you love someone deeply and have committed to them through marriage.  Even when it is hard.

I am so glad I chose to be married to this man.  Because whatever hard stuff we go through there far more beautiful moments.  This year has been no exception.

+ + + + + 

Dear Hubby, 

The past year has been a tough one in many ways , but each year we are married you show me even more how strong you are and what an amazing man you can be.

You are never afraid to act goofy and play along with whatever insane photo idea I come up with.  To that end, thank you for being my biggest fan, with all my hobbies and personal endeavors - blogging, cooking, writing, constant photo taking, running addiction, etc.  You always make me feel like I am incredibly talented and beautiful.   No matter what.

thank you for enduring all our "family photo shoots" -- just think of all the cash I save us???
Thank you for always being the best travel partner I could ask for -- we have so much fun, even when I am sixteen weeks preggo and want to go to bed each night at 9pm.  Our trip to St. Maarten this year was no exception...
sixteen weeks with our little girl!
Oh, and I still find you incredibly sexy in your aviators, inappropriate Brazil hat, and sipping a frou-frou drink:

Thank you for being my partner in parenting this little guy -

He went from a toddling little baby to a talking, rambunctious little boy in just one short year.  I am grateful to get to be on this parenting journey with you.  You are an awesome Dada!

This past year we survived a somewhat emotionally and physically uncomfortable pregnancy together, culminating in my giving birth, with you watching in awe as all the veins in my face neck and chest bulged out like the Hulk as I pushed our darling little girl out.  Without drugs.  It takes a brave man to watch his wife go through that.  Thank you for supporting all my beliefs and decisions.

most amazing moment - EVER.  thank you for making babies with me!
Now, here we are - with two tiny kiddos.  Taking the craziness day by day, figuring out how to be parents together...I don't know how I'd do it without you.
a less-than-2-year-old and a 3 week old - are we in over our heads?
Thankful for six years of marriage - and twelve (!!!) of knowing you.  I don't know if we'll have any more babies, or ever get this house finished...but I know whatever happens we will get through it together. And that makes me excited for many, many more years together.