Thursday, September 23, 2010

something other than a wreath

Whenever the season changes I usually run out and buy a wreath. Wreaths, I feel, make your front door look warm and welcoming. It says, "Hello friend, come on in!" Or it would if it could talk.

Lately, since becoming a surfer of the blogosphere, I've been seeing other ways to make your front door exude warmth, especially in the cozy autumn season.

So I abandoned my typical fall wreath for this $3 metal hanging basket I found at the local St. Vincent DePaul store {fantastic, by the way -- check yours out! Ignore the smell and delight in the deals.}

(FYI: You can also find similar metal hanging vessels at your craft store.)

I liked this one because of the super cute sunflower affixed to the front!

The red color didn't work for me, though. So what did I do? You know it! I spray-painted it, using the same dark bronze color I used for my porch lights.

Then I added three sprigs of silk foliage I got for .99 each at Michael's.

Arranged my foliage...and I was finito! How is that for easy?

All for $6 and about ten minutes.
That includes the paint drying.
Which you know I waited impatiently for. Toe tapping.

What fall decorating project will you do this weekend?