Wednesday, March 14, 2012

wine wednesday: cupcake red velvet

Every Monday evening I cook dinner and open a bottle of wine.
{usually red...on rare occasion a chardonnay.}
Then each night of the week I have a glass with dinner, 
keeping it fresh by using an airtight topper and keeping it at the correct temperature.
Sometimes Hubby will have a glass with me, or at least have a taste of mine.
I love this, because I always like other opinions on wine.
Sometimes we agree...sometimes we disagree.

On this one, we both agreed:

I didn't tell him the name before he tasted it, as "Cupcake" sounds a little girlie and I didn't want any type of "manly bias."   Immediately he said how good it was.  Even when I told him the name, he wasn't scared off.

I'd seen this label many times in the checkout lanes of our local party liquor store, boasting it's cheap price {I paid 8.99} and had always bypassed it, afraid it would be too cheap and girly with no substance.
Plus, I might be the only person in the world who doesn't like red velvet the name was a bit of a turnoff as well.

Then I saw on Tori Spelling's reality show Home Sweet Hollywood {don't knock - I loooove her!} that she was selling it in her vintage furniture store, and I knew I had to try.  I trust all things Tori when it comes to entertaining.

Red Velvet does not disappoint.  The first taste of each sip is the best.  You get this amazing blast of rich fruitiness.   Then it finishes very evenly.

We both enjoyed it so much that we ordered it recently when out to dinner for Hubby's birthday.  Paying $30 for the bottle at the restaurant after paying $8.99 at the liquor store was a hard one for me to swallow, but Hubby is worth it.  :D

fyi- It goes lovely with sushi!

Cute label, delicious flavor, excellent price = get a bottle!