Friday, August 1, 2014

cormac - three!

 Dear Cormac,
You are three!  
I love watching you contort your little fingers on your left hand (yes, you're a leftie) to show us just exactly how old you are. 
Seems like just a blink ago you were two.
Three is a little different than two.
You talk WAY more - full, complete sentences.
I can correct your grammar and not feel bad.
You use huge words that no one expects to come out of your mouth.
(aka you are good at repeating things.)
You now will play {sometimes} by yourself,
talking to yourself about what is going on with your toys, 
and not really wanting your "pretend play" to be interrupted.
(Mama loves this.)
You now sleep in a big boy bed - even at your grandparents' houses.
You no longer wear diapers - and rarely even pull-ups!
I hope you know how amazing I think you are.
Sometimes I feel like I spend so much of the day redirecting, disciplining, and reminding you to be 'gentle' to your sister that maybe I am scrimping on the the smiles, hugs, and compliments.
I am pretty sure I sneak a lot of those in there...
but you know, as your mama, I will worry.

As I've mentioned, you are "spirited." 
I hope this doesn't come across as an insult.
Sometimes I say it with an exasperated sigh,  but that is only because it can be kind of tiring.

Always know - your spiritedness makes you incredible.

You have soooooo much energy!

You express your feelings and to me that makes you honest and interesting.

You are dramatic!  You can "act" sick and love getting into character, whether you are a "monster" or a "monster hunter" or a  "daddy" or a "baby" -- you are pretty good at playing whatever part you feel like.
You are relentless.
When you want something you rarely take "no" for an answer. At least not at first.  Sure, this can be completely maddening for us as parents, but it often makes me glad.  I want you to challenge.  I want you to ask "why?'  I want you to be tenacious.  
And sometimes, yes sometimes, you get my "no" to change to "yes." 

You are extremely particular
about many, many things.
You must wear socks and a full set of pajamas when sleeping - always.  No exceptions, even in 90 degree heat with no a/c (like at gramma and grampas.)   To that end, you will run all over the house like a crazy man, be extremely sweaty, and still cuddle up in my lap to snuggly even though we are both really hot. 
Not having the correct condiments for a meal could inspire a meltdown.
You hate sandals...stuff getting between your toes is the worst.
You still can't stand water getting in your eyes.  This means splash parks are usually not your favorite spot.  You might never take a shower.
You are an extrovert.
You rarely stop talking and enjoy constantly being with someone - which most of the time, by default, is me.  You have started to be conscious of "friendships" and declare anyone you spend time playing with your "best friend."  I am so excited for you to start pre-school soon (eek!) and perhaps find some little friends your age you have lots in common with that live near us!  Perhaps some other spirited kiddos?

You weigh 32 pounds.  
Pretty sure you've weighed that for the past year.
You never stop moving and are a picky eater - enough said.

You are a great sleeper - consistently.  But not without a struggle.  You almost always announce you are "not tired" and sometimes declare you will "not go to sleep!"  Yet, somehow, within twenty minutes of being confined to your bed, you do.  Still take a 1 1/2 to 2 hour nap in the afternoon and sleep 8pm - 6:30am, in your own bed, with usually no night wakings, save for the occasional bad dream.  

Meals are often a challenge.  
You take forever to start eating, always declare there to be something that makes the food uneatable, are distracted by anything and everything, and then finally, finally, you start eating and usually eat nearly everything on your plate (especially if you want dessert after dinner.) 
you have gotten much more proficient at dressing yourself.  it is always a struggle to get you to stand still enough to do it, though.
you love popsicles...just like your dad.
you love to cheese for the camera - what a grin!
you have endless energy!
sitting "normally" is not in your skill set.
you are alternately a loving, protective older brother...
...and an older brother who is completely bugged by his little sister!

you are dramatic - with many 'voices' and interesting facial expressions.

whipped cream is one of your favorite treats.
you have beautiful ultra long lashes like you dad
your hair is always messy...even minutes after I carefully style it.  but I kinda like that.
wrestling and goofing around with your sis is sometimes your favorite thing. and colbie occasionally rock the same crazy hair.

handsome boys!
You are so much like your dad.  Everyone seems amazed at how much you resemble him...but you are alike in other ways, too.  You love tools and analyzing how things work.  You are a total work-horse like he is, and thrive when you have a project to focus on...yet also love just snuggling in on the couch and watching movies with the family.  
we have the same face shape, nose, and eye color...the rest is totally your dada. and I like that you enjoy wearing my accessories.  tee hee.
You are my joy.  We are connected.  I totally get you -- so many aspects of your spiritedness - not that it makes it easier to watch you struggle.  I delight in your lovely, spirited nature...even though sometimes my spiritedness clashes with yours.  You understand me, too.  You know exactly what to say to make my sadness melt away.  You bring me back to reality.  Just one sweet,  matter-of-fact sentence from you can turn my whole mood around.  You also challenge me - all day, every day.  You force me out of my comfort zone.   You make me want to speak more quietly, be more patient, appear more calm and more loving -- even when I don't feel like being any of these things.  I don't always succeed, but I succeed much more often because of you.

God made me to be your mama.  I trust Him that I am fully equipped for the job.

Three is going to be a great year.  You start school!  3-year-old pre-K, a few hours a day, 3 days/week.  I think you are going to do great and am beyond thrilled for this new journey, but of course I am super nervous about everything!   (Like how in the world I will get us all ready and out of the house by 8:10am???)

Who knows what else this year will bring?   I am excited to watch you grow "bigger and bigger!" - as you would exclaim.

Love you so much, kiddo - Mama