Tuesday, June 14, 2011

baby bump alert: my little lebron

In the spirit of the NBA finals 
I was thinking of naming my Baby "Lebron."
Or perhaps Dirk.

Not just because of the NBA Finals, 
but also...
because he looks like a 

At least that is what everyone keeps saying.
Supposedly boy babies are carried out front like a basketball.
Someone even said to me at work today:
"Oh look! You brought your basketball!"

Heh. Funny. 

I do not play basketball.  Or any sport involving a ball.
Or coordination.
I run.  Long distances. Trying not to trip.

The one on the left is the 5th grade me...looking awkward and definitely NOT
like a basketball player. More like I have to pee or somthing:

My hubby, however, loves the sport!  
We go to many Kentucky basketball games, he plays twice a week with a group of guys...

...so maybe, just maybe...

Baby will be a basketball player! 
{or at least a fan} 

For now he will just have to keep making 
my ready-to-bounce preggo belly
look like a round, large

Weeks along: 36
Pounds gained: 32
cm dilated: 1
Position: head down
Nursery: complete!