Thursday, July 6, 2017

roomie reunion : savannah, ga!

I am very fortunate that nearly every year for the past six years I have been able to spend a long weekend with two of my best friends from my college years.  
No, we weren't sorority sisters.
(None of us were the sorority type.)

We didn't even ever attend the same college.

We were randomly placed together 
God-appointed into each others lives
for so many reasons, I believe!

Anyway, our friendships have survived over the years, I have shared our adventures here on this blog. Here is yet another...

Savannah, Georgia!

With me in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy, this was one of our tamest girlfriend trips yet...
and I think we were all kind of fine with that.

No "crazy first night" this time, I didn't harass any celebrities, and no one got kicked out of any pools.  The only tears were only briefly shed mid-day by the least expected one of us all.
I'm proud of us, ladies!  (No promises next year, though.) 

I found Savannah to be dreamy, low-key, laid-back.  So, so Southern and charming.

We rented the CUTEST cottage on Tybee Island, only a tiny walk from the beach.   We made some homemade meals, sipped some handmade cocktails and mocktails, relaxed on the beach for a day,  spent another day exploring the city by on-and-off trolley, and even did a pizza + movie night.
my sweet friends shared this adorable the preggo lady could have the big bed.  LOVE YOU GUYS!
homemade guacamole and fish tacos.
spanish moss covered the trees of Savannah.
I'm sorry.  I could not keep a straight face pretending to be Forrest, Forrest Gump.  (The bench scene was filmed at one of the parks.)
Someone had the bright idea to put a pregnant lady in a tree. 😳 It took both my sweet friends to hoist me up here.
Due to my recent read of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, I was a COMPLETE geek over the Mercer Williams house.  We took the tour and I loooooved it! 
I couldn't partake in the wine-drinking this year, but Beth bought this bottle for the appropriate label. 
our little rental.  
I adored that our address was Cedarwood - one of my favorite oils!!!!!!!
this made me want to paint every wall in my house white.  
My bedroom. So perfect.  I want to come back to this sweet, artsy cottage with my little fam!
Could she be any prettier?
views on Tybee.
My virgin pina colada. 

Me and my beach bump.
more shots of our rental...just 'cause I thought it was so adorable.

If I love you I make you guacamole.
Whose is real?  
Yummy watermelon 'cocktails + mocktails' on our sun porch. franchise idea?
some adorable succulents at our brunch stop.
There were literally posted warnings about the dangers of these historic steps.  #yolo 
Forsyth Park!
open-air trolley we rode around all day, hopping on and off.
In the beautiful Bonaventure Cemetery on our last day.
a farewell airport selfie. 
I loved that we got a little beach/totally chill relaxing time, 
as well as some city sight-seeing.

Perfect combo and, as always, great company.

Who knows where this next year will take us all, but I love that we continue to take these trips and make memories all over the country.

(Next up, the world?) 

Our 40th birthdays are happening in just a few year...
Let's do it right, ladies!!!! 😉 

+ + + + + + +

Reader, I hope you never stop adventuring with your best friends.