Tuesday, November 22, 2016

stitch fix men : hubby's fix!

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Recently Stitch Fix launched Stitch Fix Men -- so now the guys in our lives can have stylist-picked fashion delivered to their door.

Let's be real.  Fewer men probably will admit to loving fashion.  I have, however, known quite a number of guys that are really into it, and honestly they dress so fabulous.  Cheers to these guys!   They like to try new trends and enjoy dressing themselves.  I appreciate that trait.  I can totally relate.

My husband is not one of those men.  I married him for many reasons, but his fashion sense was not one of them.  Not that he dresses poorly - he is super low-maintenance when it comes to clothing.  He buys the same relaxed fit Gap jeans over and over because they fit his "tree trunk thighs."  He owns three sweaters at a time that he wears every winter in rotation to parties.  To work he wears dress pants from Express and button-down dress shirts that usually bought on sale at Jos A. Banks or given to him as Christmas gifts from his parents.

Clothes shopping is something that happens maybe once a year for him.  Out of necessity.

Any fashion trends he tries are wholly because I have suggested it.

Okay - now you have an idea of my husband's approach to fashion.

However, there is another thing you should know about him : he will do whatever he can to make me happy. 

Such a good man.  So he signed up for Stitch Fix Men, created a profile, and scheduled a Fix.  Solely because he knew it would bring me joy...

...and it did!  When his box arrived it was almost as fun as when mine does.  (Check out all my past Fixes here!)

I wasn't sure whether I would take any photos of his items...but he surprisingly let me take some shots of him wearing them!  Again...the things he does for me.  Don't worry, this photo shoot only lasted about fifteen minutes, so he didn't suffer too long!

#1 Zach Straight Leg Jean (Mavi)

 #2 Essential Wash Long Sleeve Shirt (Hawker Rye)

I loved these jeans straight out of the box, mainly because the material is stretchy and I thought they could accommodate the "trunk thighs."  Plus, they are a really dark wash, which, coupled with the straight cut, makes these a much more modern look compared with the other jeans he owns.  I crossed my fingers they would fit and be comfortable on him...and they were!  He did waffle a bit on keeping these, but I sold him on the convenience factor of not having to bother trying on another pair of jeans at the GAP any time soon. (Or having to order online.)  Plus, I liked how they looked on him, and he liked that...so...kept!

The forest green checked shirt is more casual than his other "work shirts" so that was a bonus!  I could see him wearing this for date nights with the jeans, and it was comfy.  However, while he liked it, it just didn't seem like something he would wear often enough...so it was a return.

 Item #3 : La Grande Cotton Cashmere V Neck Sweater (Commerce)
Oh my - this photo makes me giggle!  Anyway,  this very simple charcoal v-neck sweater was fine - nothing to get overly excited about - but very nice for layering.  If you are a guy that loves to layer, then having a soft cashmere sweater like this one is essential.  However, my husband is not the kinda guy that can handle layering.  He "runs hot," has huge shoulders and has a bit of a tummy.  Whenever he tries to layer in the winter he feels (and therefore looks) uncomfortable.   That is no good.  Granted, you can wear this type of sweater over a t-shirt and not be so warm, which he will do on occasion.   But he already owns two other v-necks that are similar, so this was a RETURN.

#4 Nathan Heathered Baseball Henley (by Tailor Vintage)
I have been wanting him to get a baseball tee for so long, so I was happy to see this in his Fix!  Super soft, nice color, and great fit for an XL-wearing guy!  This was Paul's favorite item in the Fix, so he was more than willing to keep it.

#5 Kit Ultra Move Blazer (Indigo Move) 
this photo epitomizes how uncomfortable he was.  love that face!
Lastly, this blazer.  It was way too small.  The shoulders and tummy area were a problem.  It is a dark jean material and a very cool look...but perhaps a bit too trendy for my man.  Returned!
I love those big arms and shoulders...just hard to fit them comfortably in a trendy blazer.
So he got a comfortable, yet modern, pair of jeans (a feat for him!) and that baseball henley we both really, really like.  Overall, a great Fix!
Hubby's thoughts about Stitch Fix were mixed.  Since he is not really that into fashion there was not much excitement in it for him.  He does like the items he kept -- but didn't think he really had enough time to decide.  (He had five days since the weekend gives you some extra time.)  He felt he needed a full week.  For me, three days is more than enough since I can easily find time (or will prioritize time) to try them on with other things in my wardrobe.

He says he will get another Fix - maybe in a year!  Yep.  That is my Hubby.  He could take it or leave it.

If you feel like your man could use a little dose of fashion in his life, or if he is one of those guys that loves fashion but doesn't necessarily have a bunch of time to shop, he may want to try Stitch Fix! Send him this link to get started, or click on the link below.  Also, a Stitch Fix gift card would be a fun idea for any fashion-lover in your life!  I've received them on several occasion - such a nice surprise!


Happy Thanksgiving, friends!  
We are hosting the big meal again at our home this year, so I am grateful and excited for that.  
I hope everyone has a lovely holiday full of delicious food and quality time with those you love!