Wednesday, January 30, 2013

design journal : kitchen accessories

The kitchen is, dare I say it, almost done.
I have been able to actually cook in it for weeks - which has been such a relief. {You can only microwave and take-out order your meals for so long.  Yech.}
The dust has settled and been wiped away, from every nook and cranny.
Hubby's tools now take up only a small corner of the counter, rather than the entire island and every bit of counter space possible.
Backsplash is almost done.
Just need to paint and figure out what to do with the fireplace wall!!!  Check out this post if you want to see the 'before' area that we are working with.  Hoping to do a full kitchen reveal in the next month!

Hubby is nearly done with his part of the job - the hard labor.   Next comes my part - the fun stuff.
Decorating!  I need to pick a paint color for the wall space that is not cabinets and gorgeous white subway tile.

What's more important - I need to accessorize!

My style is pretty simple.  I want the kitchen to be super functional, a little industrial, with maybe a tiny hint of vintage.

I don't like a lot of extra stuff in the I prefer my functional tools to also be pretty and decorative.

So the kitchen will maintain a pretty neutral color scheme - dark chocolate cabinets, lots of stainless steel, a brown/black/cream granite, natural woods {think utensils in caddies and bamboo cutting boards} and...a pop of color!

What pop of color, though?  Contenders have been mustard yellow, bright yellow, and cobalt blue.  But...

I am pretty much leaning toward turquoise - which is, and always has been, my favorite color.  Plus, it would add that vintage element I want.

Below are some kitchens that have been my inspirations for one reason or another.

In this one I love the hanging pots {which will be hung on our fireplace wall} the industrial look, and the beautiful white subway tile...
Source: via Greta on Pinterest

Here we have some pops of turquoise and yellow...and the stainless steel sink!

I love, love, love this open shelving display!  We don't have an area of open shelves quite like this...but I've been mimicking this one with what we have...

Subtle turquoise accessories with white subway tile...

Love this yellow, the tall dramatic cupboards, and, of course, the subway tile...

More turquoise lovelies...
Source: via Greta on Pinterest

These are just some vintage-y Pyrex mixing bowls in the perfect turquoise color that I wish I had.  Any ideas anyone?
Source: via Marleen on Pinterest

Other exciting decor news...I was given the 'go ahead' to buy a rug!  Found an amazing, huge, beautiful rug at Home Goods over the weekend, and Hubby gave me the green light because the price is fabulous for the quality and size of the rug.  It is actually for the "decor redo" I am doing in our master bedroom, which is currently without any personality whatsoever. Anyone else purchased a rug at Home Goods?  Happy with the quality for the price?  Disappointed?

Anyway, decor rant over.  Can you tell I am excited to actually start decorating this place????  I am like a little squirrel stockpiling 'nuts' {decor items for the master, nursery, and toddler room!!!}

What room are you decorating/revamping at the moment?