Thursday, September 18, 2014

a simple + cozy porch makeover

When we moved into the 'dream home' I knew that making the outside a useable, inviting space would take a while -- mainly because we had soooo much to do on the inside (catch up here.)

Two years later we still done much to the outside.  A complete overhaul of the backyard is now slated to begin in the spring. 

However, the one area we have done a little something to is our little side porch.  Not a lot, but definitely have transformed it from the dull space it was to a bright and cozy spot to drink a glass of wine and read a book.

Here are some views of the little porch when we first bought the place...

Not exactly a space where I'd like to hang out with my loved ones and enjoy a nice summer evening.  (I especially like the old sink and random plywood just hanging out.)

Thankfully, Hubby and I were able to envision this porch (former entrance to the second unit) as a lovely asset to our home -- someday.   Since we don't have a cool rooftop deck or a big wrap around porch like many homes in our historic neighborhood, we really have to take advantage of the space we do have -- this porch, the little deck above it (Finola's little 'Juliet' balcony!) and our decently sized backyard.

In July, for my birthday, Hubby purchased two lovely white porch rockers and a porch swing.

Even before adding some cozy accessories these additions made me very happy.  My two tiny ones love to sit out there with me during the day.  Sometimes we will all get on the porch swing and rock and I swear they are silent and content for at least three solid minutes.

After we got the rockers/swing I knew it was time to add some personality and coziness if we were to entertain out I tossed on some of my current favorite pillows, a striped throw, and added a little metal table for the aforementioned wine (or beer! or coffee!)

The 'Happy Home' pillow is from Tinyprints.  I didn't even know they sold really cute pillows until I was scouring their website something altogether different.  I fell in love with this one because I could basically put it in any room in our home and like it - the bold typography in black and white...these elements are found in every room in our home.  I personalized the pillow with the year we moved into the 'dream home' which make me love it even more.

The geometric print black and white pillow and striped throw are from Ikea (which, again, I could put in any room in our home and get warm fuzzies from) as well as the round metal table and galvanized pot.  The furniture is from Lowe's.  The rug and teal pillow are from Target.
 I added a few cloth blooms that matched my color scheme to a plain twig wreath to add a little something to the door.  (Pre-made wreaths are expensive! Much better to do it yourself...pretty easy and a fraction of the price!)

Clearly there is a lot you can do to any space by painting and adding minimalist yet lovely furniture...and a few styling details to make it personal, of course!   
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By Stephanie Lynn

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Fall is here! 

The temp finally dipped to the sixties and it feels so crisp + refreshing outside.

I am excited for wine on the porch, fire in the chiminea, kiddos jumping into mountains of crunchy leaves, and sweaters.  Oh, the sweaters!

What are you most looking forward to this season?