Saturday, October 29, 2016

new orleans recap : big easy girlfriend trip!

I love girlfriend trips.  
Traveling with anyone helps know them better and can make your bond stronger.  You see sides that social media will not show you.  You see habits and quirks that might surprise you.  You have deep conversations (therapy sessions) that just would not have transferred via test message.  

Your bond deepens.
Or you end up driving each other crazy.
Or a little of both???

A couple weekends ago I went down to New Orleans with two of my very best friends, whom I have known for about eight years since moving to the Cincinnati area.  These ladies are the epitome of strong and opinionated women, and are both loud and fun -- making them my favorite type of people to hang out with.  They keep it real.  

I am for sure the quiet one of the trio -- and the least likely to bring up politics.   Although I will give my opinion when I feel it be necessary.  

The three of us are very different, yet get along fantastically.  It's weird.

This was our first time traveling together, in honor of Alicia's birthday!  She invited us along to the Big Easy to stay with her fabulous aunt who lives in the French Quarter.  Her aunt is a flight attendant who graciously got us buddy passes and let us invade her amazing historic apartment for a few days (complete with quintessential NOLA balcony and shutters - so perfect!) 
our first libations of the trip - airport bar!
Buddy pass flying can be unpredictable, and our experience getting to our destination was harrowed with twists and turns.  That Thursday we flew from Cincy to Memphis, where we could not get on any flights and had to stay overnight, then eventually got to Atlanta, where we ended up flying to Gulfport, Mississippi and taking a long cab ride to New Orleans.  It was a crazy twenty four hours of travel, but we finally made it!
finally got on a flight - and upgraded!  
morning coffee after an overnight stay in Memphis
seats together to ATL!
saying goodbye to ATL after deciding to be rerouted to Gulfport.
Made it to NOLA and ready to have some fun!
ready for our first night out -- in matching black tanks!  

frozen hurricane tongues on Bourbon St. 
taking the street car to Uptown.
My fave morning- Cafe du Monde! We got there early enough to walk right in...but when we left the line was huge!
this was my fave food experience of the trip.
tired, but had to get a pic before I enjoyed that cafe au lait.
Lola's - awesome Spanish fare, and the best sangria.
about to head home. rockin' the tired look. ready to see our babies and hubbies!
Cheers, NOLA!
It was a fabulous trip!  We ate some very delicious food, saw a lot of different areas that I didn't see the last couple times I'd been there (for college basketball events) and really experienced the city...while still getting to bed by 11pm each night.  (Yes, we party so hard.)

Cheers to hurricanes, beignets and good friends!