Friday, November 4, 2016

master bathroom inspirations.

I am beyond excited about our master bathroom renovation.  

While I cannot control when contractors show up or the amount of drywall and brick dust that will eventually cover my entire house, I can dream about the design and pore endlessly over the tile and fixtures.

I've had a Pinterest board dedicated to this project for several years.  Years, people.

Yes, we moved in our home in 2012, and the plan was always to turn the large bedroom adjacent (as in literally joined by a door) into our master bathroom.  The bathroom we have been using since moving in, right next to our bedroom, is an okay size but would be a struggle to do two sinks and we definitely would be would have to keep the shower/tub combo.  

Plus, we do not have ANY closet at all.  We have been simply using cheap freestanding clothing racks since moving in. I'm not a diva, and it has been certainly not that big of deal.

But...our dream for the "dream home" has been to have a "dream bath" and "dream closet" (or just a closet) someday. 

Friends - that day is finally upon us!

When looking through my Pinterest inspirations, I decided that these six images give the best insight into my design scheme.  I want mostly black and white, with some warm woods, and a mix of metallic finishes : oil-rubbed bronze and antique gold.   Subway tile, hex tiles, 

I want industrial, vintage, historic, simple, and fabulous.

Also...lots of plants.  But those will come later!

I am not 100% what the finished product will turn out like, as in some ways we are designing as we go, but I am hoping to somehow capture the vibe of these inspirations...

What I love : mix of subway tile and penny floor tile, black and white, touch of brass (Hubby hates brass) and, of course, the plants bathed in natural light!


What I love : that floor tile, the clawfoot, and I am strongly considering painting our trim a bold black!  What?!?!  Gotta get hubby on board...


What I love : the black and white of it all!  The plants, the window, and fabulous chandelier are also amazing.

house beautiful

What I love : the shower panes, the niches, the tile work, and the size of this gorgeous shower!


What I love : the ceiling medallion, the tub in front of Victorian fireplace, and that wide plank pine flooring looks exactly like what we have in there now.  I am hoping it is salvageable after this project!

So those are my favorites, but you can check out the rest of my board here - so much eye candy!

What would your dream bathroom look like?