Monday, January 12, 2015

in it for the long run. and a burger.

Saturday I ran my longest run EVER.  Fourteen miles.  I am officially more than halfway to my marathon goal.  An added bonus was that it was only 2 degrees when I started running.  Brrr.  Eventually, by the end of my run, it was 20 degrees.  My water bottle froze after four miles - so that really sucked.  There was snot running out of my nose and my face cover kept falling down.  By the end, my legs felt like they were frozen solid, despite constant movement and my two warm layers.  My back and eyelashes were covered in frost.  Oh,  I learned the hard way that you should NEVER wear underwear with any sort of lace on them during a cold, long run.  Youch.

Despite all this...afterward I felt AWESOME.  For real.

If you don't do long distance running this might sound crazy, but I actually look forward to my long run each week.  Especially now that they are reeeeally long (for me) and it is a challenge.  Plus, I like it because it is a part of my routine.  I really like routine.  Schedules.  Rituals.
In fact, I hate changes of plans and spontaneity, in general.  

Sure, I like new long as they are planned.

I have done many adventurous things, but they were mostly all very well thought-out and prepared for, both mentally and physically.
Anyway, long runs are ritualistic for me.  I do the same things each week.  Here are some examples.

Pre-run dinner : pizza!  two large pieces.  maybe a salad.  no caffeine.  no alcohol.  no desserts.  bed by 9pm. (okay, ten at the latest!)

Pre-run breakfast : 1 slice whole wheat toast with almond butter. 1/2 banana.  black coffee. 8 oz lemon water.

Mid-run eating : I carry 20 oz of water and a gel pouch (gu!) for every 3-4 miles.

Clothing : I usually wear the same stuff each week.  I do my hair the same way.  I run generally the same route, mixing it up only slightly. (Although I need to start including more hills!)

Post-run eating: Since I will typically burn 1000-2000 calories during a long run I really don't want to put any strict eating restrictions on the rest of the day. I will still try to eat generally clean and healthy until dinner.   But, that being said, I've decided that with all my new-found clean eating I will allow myself one meal - typically Saturday night - when I simply don't care about calories or whether or not it is "clean."  Kind of my reward for being good all week, and for completing my long run.

Let's call it my "dirty meal." (Sounds appetizing, right?)

This week that meal was a GIANT burger and fries.  I won't lie, I dreamed about this burger all day after that run.  It was huge, and had bbq sauce and pineapple and fried onions plenty of cheese and it completely rocked my world.  I ate the whole thing and every fry and didn't even feel disgusting afterward.  Now, that, my friends, is the true reward for running fourteen miles. :)

Well, that is my "long run diary" for the week!  Today is Monday and I begin another week of clean eating --- which is somehow become ritualistic as well.  The shopping, the Sunday meal prep and chop fest, the regular daily smoothie is becoming less foreign and awkward and more like part of normal life.  Although maneuvering my cart in the produce section has become interesting.  (I crashed into several unassuming shoppers,  and almost had to battle for the last bag of organic lemons.)

Did you work out this weekend?  

What is your favorite "cheat meal"?  

What is your biggest challenge with clean eating?