Wednesday, November 20, 2013

finola - six months!

Happy 'Half' Year, my little love!
It's been a fun month, so let's get right to it...
 Determined little bugger.  Stubborn.  Quiet unless she wants something.  Joyous - she has the most lovely open-mouthed, gaping grin...especially when I come to get her out of her crib.  Laughs about totally random things.
Chewing on EVERYTHING.  Especially books.  Playing 'Kissy Monster.'  Mirrors.  Watching your brother play, talk, get in all makes you twitter-pated.  The Jumperoo - you are a jumping maniac.  
happiest in her jumperoo!

Being fed - you'd much prefer to feed yourself.  Being away from mama for too long.  Total mama's girl.   Being tired - you'd rather just be put in your crib than be rocked to sleep or snuggled!  Riding in the car too long.  Getting dressed...sometimes you strongly protest to mama getting your little arms through the holes in shirts.  You get annoyed by a lot of buttons.  Pajamas are sometimes nightmarish (you prefer the quick zip-up variety!)
About the same as last month.  Still hasn't gone a whole night without waking up.  Still wakes usually twice a night for a feeding.  Sometimes once if we are lucky.  Naps twice a day, two hours every time.    Goes to bed between 6 and 7 and gets up around 7am.
probably not gonna be a baller
Still get only one bottle on a typical day, from Dada right before bedtime.  I did break down and feed you with a bottle a couple times, just to break my fear.  It went fine!  Breastfeeding has become more difficult and mentally I am ready to transition to formula.  I think.  Not looking forward to the hormone imbalance that will come with that...but it will pass.  Anyway, you eat four times during the day, approximately 6 oz each time.  You also gets baby food at mealtimes when I feed Cormac.  You have had oatmeal, rice cereal, green beans, peas, bananas, apples and carrots.  Bananas are by far your favorite!  You are very insistent on grabbing the spoon away from me and feeding yourself...and when you are done with each bite you fling the spoon on the ground and whine for more.  
you might be the messiest eater ever. 
Sibling Relations:
You continue to adore your brother, while he goes in waves with how he feels.  He mostly wants to kiss and 'ug' you, crawl into your crib and snuggle and 'entertain Sissy!'  Sometimes he wants you to just go away so all the attention is on him.  That doesn't happen often, thankfully!  Although he did smack you in the face for the first time - on purpose.  You had no real reaction to it, so I guess it didn't hurt, but he had a major meltdown in his time-out and eventually apologized.
my little cuddlers.  fin loves being on the couch with brother.
Mama's feelings:
Making peace with breastfeeding coming to an end - eventually.  Happy to be back at the gym more frequently and able to go to pilates class again.

Weight: 18 lbs (75th) Height: 25.5 inches (25th)  Head: 16.25 inches (75th)
No colds this month, but possibly some teething (noticed some extra fussiness and a TON of drooling/chewing.)  Wearing 9 month clothing -- and some 12 month!  You don't even know how excited I was to find out I can now shop the toddler girl section of Target for you.  Everything is SO MUCH CUTER there than in the infant section.

*You found your feet!
*Started sitting unassisted at just after five months!
*Continue to make the moves to crawl. You even get up on your toes in a fun 'downward dog' yoga position in an attempt to propel yourself forward...but nothing official.
still has the curl on the top of her head - sometimes
*First time playing in the leaves!  I had to be carefully because you would have ate about fifty leaves had I let you.

*First time riding in the stroller like a big girl...and swinging!  This picture doesn't show it, but you actually, despite being too small, loved being in there with me making faces at you and pushing you lightly.  I think you just like being outside and having lots to look at.

*And, of course, your first Halloween!  You won't remember this, but you were the sweetest little bunny for a couple hours...

Dear Fin,
It is so fun watching you turn into a little person.  You seem determined to learn and grow and be a part of everything.  You continue to be very go-with-the-flow, making it easier for me to handle two littles and go on adventures with the both of you.  You adore your brother, everything about him...just like seemingly everyone else.  Go figure.  He is a likable guy.  
You make me smile every morning and after nap times with your huge "crib grins."  Your fat rolls and love handles are pretty much the best - even the doc was impressed at your check-up.  You never fail to let me know when you don't like something...and, in my opinion, speaking your mind is a good thing.  
I'm excited, as always, for what the next month will bring (crawling?!?!?!)

Love you, lady Jane!

Mama + Dada