Thursday, October 4, 2012

3 films

Movies.  Like most, I love watching movies, particularly those of the girlie, chick-flick persuasion.   So here are three that I, as a girlie chick,  really enjoy.  This is not a 'top three' movies of all time, but rather just three I really enjoy...

1. Something's Gotta Give.  I love Diane Keaton and even moreso in this film where she exudes such style AND is a writer...swoon!  I totally buy the chemistry between her and Jack Nicholson in this romance between two older, successful, and very funny people.
2.  The Memory Keeper's Daughter.  Even though the book is leagues better than this TV movie {big shocker} I really love this little story.  I watched it for the second time recently and completely balled my eyes out several times.  I mean, sobbed.
3. Footloose.  Okay, you knew I had to give props to an eighties classic.  Yes, NOT the new version.  The only version there is: the Kevin Bacon version.  I could watch this movie a million times, and each time I am transported back to my girlhood in the eighties with every single amazing song on the soundtrack...which I owned, on cassette, of course.  Even though the gymnastics scene in the grain mill still is beyond cheesy {I mean, check out that pose below that actually made the movie poster!!!} the rest of the movie rocks my little preacher's daughter world.

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