Monday, February 27, 2012

no more XS

Since having my baby, I have suffered a severe 
style identity crisis.  
Before my pregnancy I worked a lot -- as a shoe store manager for years, and then several in an office.  My style was business chic:  tailored pants and button-down shirts from Express, mainly. Oh, and lots of really cute high heels.   My casual wardrobe consisted mainly of:  flared jeans and tight embellished tank tops in the summer,  and tight v-neck sweaters in the winter.  

Now, as a stay-at-home mama,  I have no use for any of the business clothing, rarely wear heels, and my post-baby figure does not warrant anything involving the word "tight."  Let me explain... 

The other day I was out with friends and I realized I felt uncomfortable.  Not because of the conversation, or because I had eaten too much...but because my darn sweater kept creeping up.   I kept reaching back to pull it down, even though my back was to the wall and no way anyone would see my unmentionables...but it still made me uncomfortable, and therefore not as able to focus as well as I could have on the conversation.

I think the key to looking good is feeling good inside...because it shows in your smile and your eyes.  I don't think I look good when my mind is saying, "Pull your sweater down so your undies don't show!"  and "I shouldn't have ate that ice cream because now my jeans feel like they are squashing my lower organs!"

Inspired by my gorgeous blog friend Sarah at Modern Country Style in this post I decided to clear out my closet.  One afternoon while baby napped, I purged any of my pretties that had these two letters inscribed on the tag: XS

I'm just not extra small, and haven't been for a while.  So why, oh why, have I held on {and even bought more of} this size?  I am a 30-year-old woman with a baby.  I'm simply not extra small.  On a good day I'm "small."  On most days I'm "medium."  Or as my husband coined:  "Smedium."

And I'm okay with that.  I look back at photos of myself when I really was "extra small" and I don't think I look my most beautiful.  I know I didn't "feel" my most beautiful.

So I'll take "Smedium" any day of the week.  Because I'm way more happy now.

 Goodbye pretty dresses that don't fit/aren't flattering anymore...
Except this one...because every girl needs a LBD.  And Hubby likes it:

I tried on everything I own, discarding what I didn't LOVE.  I ended up with a very empty closet.  Kind of like a clean slate.  The few garments I kept were only those that  I really thought were comfortable and flattering.

I'm not in any hurry to go out and buy new clothes.  Why?  Because five days a week I wear t-shirts and black sweatpants, like these:
When I do go shopping for some new threads, you can bet I will be more wise about my spending.  I will try on everything before purchasing and, as wishful as my thinking may be, I will not buy anything "extra small."

Plus, I want to try to figure out what my personal style is now.  It certainly has changed a lot in the past five years.   I only want to buy items that coincide with my style...whatever that is.  It will be fun shopping and figuring it out.  :)

Do you hold onto clothes that don't fit?  How would you describe your "personal style"?  How has it evolved over the years?