Saturday, June 22, 2013

so...which old wives can be trusted?


I love pregnancy "old wives' tales."

I also am being totally facetious when I use the words "accurate" and "trusted" in this post.  It is all for fun, I know.  When you are pregnant everyone and their mother will say they know the gender of your baby based on something they've heard.  And most people completely contradict each other.  I was told "You are having a boy" about a million times while pregnant with my girl.  Why?  Because I was "carrying like a basketball" or I was "carrying low."   For these exact same reasons other folks told me I was definitely having a girl.  People also tend to think that the heart rate of your unborn child tells you what it is.  "Above 140 is definitely a girl," they will say.  Funny thing is that both my babes hopped above and below this number the entire time.

Fact is, nothing will predict it.  Well, except an ultrasound, and heck, even those tend to be wrong sometimes.  

However...if I were to believe in any old wives' tales, these would be the ones.  They were right with both my pregnancies!

Chinese Birth Chart: {This} Chinese birth chart predicted accurately for both Cormac and Finola.  
Ring Test: Oh yes, holding a necklace or ring on a string over your belly and seeing if it swings in a circle or back and forth will surely tell you what you are having...hahaha...well, at least in both of my cases.  

Toddler Interested in Belly: Um...well, this was accurate for Finola.  Cormac loved my preggo belly.  But what toddler wouldn't be interested in their mama's ginormous belly???

Craving sweets: Yes, with Finola I was a complete sweet tooth.  With Cormac it was greasy, salty fast food.

Increase of Moodiness: Yes...this means girl all the way.  I was a complete wreck with Finola.  With Cormac I was deliriously happy.  

Bad Nausea/Morning Sickness: I had this with both...but with my girl it was WAY WORSE.

Mom's Beauty - Stolen! : This means girl.  I felt rather pretty when pregnant with Cormac.  With the girl I felt just a hot mess.  And still do.

Big boobs: Mine were way larger with my girl...although that could be because it was my second pregnancy.  Just sayin'.

Motherly intuition: Always stick with your gut instinct and you'll know what you are having.  My initial guess was right with both kiddos.

Dreams:  I had no gender dreams with Cormac.  With Finola I had two and she was a girl in both.  Boom.

Mama is Graceful (vs Clumsy) : This is a toss-up.  I was able to do yoga until 35 weeks with my girl.  Then again, I also fell down the basement steps.  

So there you have it.  If you are pregnant, you can certainly trust the accuracy of these old wives' tales.  Or not.  But it is fun to guess!  

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!  I had my very first shopping trip with just me and "the girl."  You know you are a girl mama when buying clothes for your daughter is way more fun than buying for yourself. :D