Wednesday, April 29, 2015

t-minus four days until the marathon...and a roomie reunion!

I can't believe I will be running 26.2 miles in less than a week.

I ran thirteen last Saturday to cut-back from the 23 I ran the previous (FYI I really didn't following any "real" training program, so please don't think this is what you "should" do.) 

Yes, I got up to 23 miles, and am just hoping that adrenaline and race-day excitement gets me through those last few miles.  I am super excited for the race, a little scared I'll trip + get injured or lose my Gu or something equally wacky, and very much dreading the approximately three days post-race that I will feel like a crippled old lady who can hardly walk/move. 

My body is ready for a break from high mileage, and get back to my everyday, consistent running. 

In other news - my roommates from my second year of college are coming into town to run, also! Tomorrow is the start is our annual Roommate Reunion, and I am so pumped to be hosting this year.  We met when we were nineteen, and have managed to stay friends the past fifteen years despite us all moving to different parts of the country.  
(You can read here about these fabulous ladies, and here about last years reunion in Vegas!)

I think that is what makes our friendship especially fun, though - we get to travel and have unique experiences every time we see each other now!  

Such as our weekend in Las Vegas one year ago...
at an ice bar with our stand-in fourth roommate (aka we didn't know that girl in the back)
bright lights, big city
So this years reunion will not be full of glitz and glamour (and lots of sequins!!!) like Vegas was,  but it should be a pretty fun time here in the Bluegrass State!  Instead of sequins we'll be wearing polka dots at the Kentucky Derby, and instead of staying up until the early hours of the morning, we will be going to bed early Saturday night to rest up to run the Flying Pig.  

Excited for it all!  

Anyone else running a race this weekend???
Whatever you do, enjoy it!