Wednesday, March 5, 2014

family resemblance.

Well, it was bound to happen.
Already folks are telling me Fin looks like my Hubby, and not me.
They even go so far as to say she got her blue eyes from him...
even though they are the same shade of blue-gray as mine,
with a dark ring of navy around the pupil.

"I really see Paul!"  said one.
"That is Paul's face right there!"  insisted another.
"But her eyes are like Pauls, right?"
Me: "No, I have blue eyes.  Paul's are hazel, kind of brownish-green."
Person squints at my eyes, which I bug out at them for effect.
They shrug, act as if they cannot tell what color my eyes are, and 
then tell me her mouth looks just like Paul's.

I mean, I know I don't have a lot of folks staring into my eyes these days
(I have to sometimes insist Cormac makes eye contact)
but sheesh.

So here is another round of "who does she look like?" 
for all those naysayers.
{mama and baby - 3 months}
no idea what ages we are...but surely there is a resemblance 
Yes, I will admit, Cormac definitely favors his father in most ways...
my handsome men!
 ...but I am still holding out hope that my genes made it through somehow.

I did birth them and all.

PS : My friend Laura had her babe -- a BOY!