Tuesday, May 7, 2013

{36 week bumpdate}

The past four weeks I have been in full-on nesting mode. No, not the crazy kind that happens the day you go into labor, where you become obsessed with cleaning the grout between all the tile in your house.  But, it feels like my main goal in life recently has been to get the house ready for this baby.  I have sorted and washed all the newborn-3month baby clothes and anything gender neutral is in the nursery ready to adorn the little one, whether "it" be a he or a she.  I have washed/sanitized every bottle, breast pump item, and pacifier (that my kid will probably reject anyway.)  My bag, baby's bag, Cormac's bag and even the dog's bag are packed and by the door.  Every day I try to deep-clean a particular area in the house.  Oh, and I've been gardening like a madwoman because I know once this baby arrives most things outside will get neglected.
Also, I am now, in reality {not just in my head} huge.  This fact is confirmed daily by complete strangers who literally will gawk at me and say, "She is huge!"  I am sure they mean well.  I also get "Are you going to be okay???" a lot.  Mostly from people who are managing stores I am shopping at or restaurants I am dining at.  They are probably concerned I will go into labor while in their establishment and wondering how the heck to handle that. 
Rants {the crappy stuff}:
  • Transitioning Cormac to his toddler/big boy bed has been a challenge.  It only took about three weeks but I think we finally have a system down that keeps him in his bed, falling asleep by himself, and sleeping the normal duration.  Almost.
  • Bowel distress.  This is a sign that labor is to come soon.  Yikes.  Or that I ate something distressful.  Yep, I know.  Thank you for sharing.
  • Cormac has become rather possessive.  When we are over in the future 'kiddo/guest bathroom' and I ask him if he and his baby brother/sister are going to take baths in there together, he shakes his head.  In fact, if I suggest anything is "the baby's" he is strongly opposed. 
  • Some swelling in my ankles, I think.  Or I just have cankles.
  • Shooting pains in my inner thigh area accompanying strong Braxton Hicks contractions???  Anyone else remember experiencing this?  Didn't happen last time for me.
  • Sleeping continues to be really hard.  I maybe get 6 hours on a good night. Thus...
  • Crazy emotional mood swings.
  • Heartburn at night.
Raves {the happy stuff}: 
  • The nursery is done!  Well, except for a few finishing touches that will happen once we know the gender. The hardwood floors are installed and stained and looking beautiful over on the "kiddo side" of the upstairs.  I sort of want to cry tears of joy every time I look at them, which is often.  All the furniture is in place and most of the decorating done.
  • Weather has been beautiful and warm, so I've been able to get outside a lot, gardening and taking Cormac to the park.  Such a mood lifter! 
  • I am 4, yes FOUR, centimeters dilated and 50% effaced.  I think that is good progress.  Even the midwife seemed a little shocked, and although it doesn't mean necessarily that I will go earlier than my due date, it could mean labor will be faster.  We shall see.  I am going to try not to sneeze.  
Weight gain: 32 pounds.  Exactly the same as last pregnancy at this point.  I find this funny because I worked out this pregnancy a TON and hardly at all last pregnancy and my body just kind of decided to gain the same amount.  Cruel nature!  Or smart.  I guess your body just knows how much weight it needs to grow a healthy baby?  I'm hoping at least I will be more toned than last time after I give birth.  Or I just eat a lot more.  That is probably it.
Nausea:  If I eat too much I feel like vomiting.  I guess that is acid-reflux/heartburn related.  It really doesn't stop me from eating, though. 
Skin:  Jury still out on the stretch marks, even though midwife still claims they are non-existent.  No other new/major issues.
Boobs:  Bras do not fit, since I failed to chuck out the cash for any new ones.  Also, I unpacked my nursing bras from last time and they look tiny.  How can this be?!?!?
Cravings:  Still sugary stuff.  All things sugary.  Made Hubby walk to get me Coldstone the other night.  {Coffee Lover's Only, no nuts, extra Heath} I also may have consumed a whole package of Zebra Cakes over the course of two days.
Aversions:  Nope!
Exercise: Same thing as usual - 5 days a week, 45 minutes of elliptical and then my own special mix of squats, lunges, free weights, pilates and yoga.   I get super winded now when I walk up stairs too fast.
Dreams: No baby dreams.  Sigh.
Clothing:  Excited to have busted out the dresses!  Yay for mu-mus!  Although it is hard to garden or work out in dresses, so I wear a lot of large black sweatpants with generous waist band and maternity tank tops, also.
Heartbeat: 152 at 34 weeks.  146 at 36 weeks
Baby movement: Tons.  Midwife thought baby was head down, so that is good.  I guess I am lucky because none of baby's movements hurt me at all.  I have never gotten a kick to the ribs with either pregnancy, or anything else causing pain.  The bladder jabs are slightly uncomfortable, but they are few and far between, and not so bad that I have to high-tail it to the bathroom.  In fact, I still go most nights not having to get up to pee.  I wake up about 4-5 times a night, though, from noises I hear or Hubby moving around.  Lots of hiccups from the babe recently. 
Gender speculation: I think the midwife slipped and told me it is a boy...even though she claims her chart says "gender unknown." Pshhyeah.  Likely story.   Then she said to Cormac, who was prodding my tummy during my exam, "Is that your br- er - baby in there?"  Nice, lady.  Can't fool this mama.  It's all good, since my gut has been saying "boy" for quite a while now.  Sorry, Mom.  
had a little too much fun on picmonkey trying the new editing tools this week :o)
Baby names: Same story - both boy and girl are 100% decided.  Same middle name whether a boy or girl.  We aren't telling anyone until baby pops out.   My guess is most folks will dislike the names, or give me the same confused look I get when I tell them my son's name is Cormac.  "Cor-MACK?  Huh?  McCormick?  Like the spice???"   Yes, like the spice.  I just really like spices.
Hubby feels: Just plain happy to be growing our family.  Strongly believes it is a boy.  When asked why, he replied, "Because a seer once told me I would have many sons."  Which made me laugh.  If you do not religiously watch the show Vikings on the History channel, then that will make no sense to you.  I then responded with "By 'many' I hope they meant 'two.'" 
Bump progress: 

SUPER excited and extremely petrified at the same time to go into labor.  As I have shared, I strongly desire a natural birth.  My labor with Cormac did not go exactly as I desired.  I feel like I know so much more about the actual labor process this time, and can be much more realistic.  I know various mental and physical things that can stall labor for me and potential ways to avoid these pitfalls.  I know I can labor much longer and more comfortably at home as long as things are progressing normally - no need to rush to the hospital earlier than necessary this time!  

(I personally did not enjoy being at the hospital during labor.)

I know more what I do and do NOT want from the experience.  I know what I can both request and refuse {and am grateful I will have a strong-willed and experienced doula there to back me up, and midwives delivering my baby that know my doula well and respect her.}  

I am a LOT more confident I can make it through naturally.
*fingers crossed*
I also know that even if I have to have an epidural or a c-section, there will still be parts that are so amazing {feeling those first 'real' contractions, watching Hubby's excitement throughout the process, seeing baby for the first time ever, holding baby immediately skin-to-skin and feeding him/her the first time.}
Excited for those parts - no matter what happens.

Praying for normal, healthy labor.