Wednesday, December 12, 2012

old wives tales...and cast your vote on baby's gender!

Well,'s time to weigh in on Baby Two's gender.  
Take the blog poll on the top right sidebar for funsies!  We will find out the gender at our ultrasound January 7th...if Hubby allows it!

So...will Cormac have a little sister to watch over and protect?  Or will he have a brother to play with and fight with and compete with?  (Oh, I know that this will not predict their actual dynamic...just play along with my stereotypical gender role speculation.)  

Wants a bunch of Old Wives' Tales to confuse you and skew your judgement?

I thought so!  Below are all the ones that I've found on the good ol' internet....
Chinese Birth Chart: girl {there are different ones that say the opposite...I'm going by the one I used with Cormac...which was accurate.}

Ring Test: girl {with Cormac it said boy}

Toddler Interested in Belly: girl

Craving sweets: girl

Carrying Low: boy...but when I carried high I had a boy.

Skin Good/Same: boy...but with Cormac my skin was horrible

Increase of Moodiness: girl

Bad Nausea/Morning Sickness: girl

Mom's Beauty - Stolen! : girl

Big boobs: girl

Motherly intuition: girl

The Mayan Tale: boy

Dreams:  girl {well, I have had only one, and the baby was distinctly girl.  although some OWT's say you have the opposite!}

Previous Child's 1st Word is Dada: boy

Heart rate above 140 - girl

Daddy Not Gaining Weight:  boy {well, so far.  with cormac he did, so I'm not sure of the accuracy here.}

Mama is Graceful (vs Clumsy) : girl {can still easily do all my yoga poses!!!}

 So now you can vote...
and let me know of any old wives tales I might have missed in the comment section!!!