Monday, September 15, 2014

a little bachelorette party

Now that I am in my thirties fun events such as bachelorette parties, bridal showers, and weddings even are much more few+far between.  Therefore, I now cherish each event so much more than I ever did in my twenties.

This past weekend I had the honor of hosting a little bachelorette party / girls night out soiree for my dear friend Rebecca, who is marrying the love of her life next month.  Yay!

While I knew plainly that phallic symbols would be out for the night (thirty-something bachelorette parties need to be a bit more classy, right?) I still did my best to make it simple + sassy + fun for all.

We had a signature drink (essentially a champagne cosmo.)
The girls all brought sweet little gifts to fill up a 'Bridal Swag Bag' (and got mini bags of their own.)
please ignore the giant power saw in the background.

 Then we took some fun mug shot photos before our cabs to head to dinner arrived.  Don't we look so very criminal?

Next we we headed to a trendy area of Cincy for a sushi dinner, and then some more drinking and dancing afterward (aka 'subsequent shenanigans.')
These ladies are so warm and sweet and definitely showered our Bex with a lot of love + laughter that night.
There were some very funny moments (mostly involving our super fun Bride-to-Be)...and some not so funny (um, my wallet got stolen right out of my purse while on my arm, engrossed in dancing to eighties music.)

Despite that icky fiasco - overall everyone had a pretty great time celebrating this lady:

Rebecca, I love how much you have grown and evolved in the years I have known you.  You are a sweet and positive light to many!  Yet, you remain your hilarious, outlandish and 'real' self...thank goodness.  

So thank you, my gym 'warrior' friend for letting my throw you a was a grand time and I love you!  Less than one month til wedded bliss!