Thursday, January 26, 2012


We have a mouse {mice????!!!!} in our house.

I blame karma.  You may remember my rant about the stray cats that hang out in our neighborhood in this post.  Well, my the evil glares I would shoot them and occasional chasing them out of my flower beds is now, karmically speaking, coming back to me in full force.

A mouse.  Who avoids our traps, who poopies in the most random places, who {even though I was assured by Hubby that mice avoid humans and light areas in general} skampered across my granite counter top this morning.  Eeek!

Believe me, ever since I first saw the mouse {weeks ago!} I have been overly diligent about sweeping the kitchen every day, wiping the countertops, picking up any dropped pieces of dog food that prior-to I would have lazily left and hoped Colbie would snag them quickly.

To no avail.

I'm sure Hubby will soon figure out a way to oust the mouse.

Until then I keep comforting myself by imagining he is my own "Little Chef"....
from my favorite animated film, Ratatouille!  Be sure to pause my music player at the bottom if you want to watch this cute scene:


{lets tumble}

I'm sure you've noticed that I love to blog about my baby.  When you are a new mom your baby pretty much becomes the most dominant interest in your life, so it is pretty easy to gravitate towards only writing about  him or her.  

Of course he is not the only interest in my life.  Even though I agreed  {and adore!} to be a stay-at-home-mom,  I also love to exercise and be fit/healthy.  I love to express myself creatively: cooking, writing, photography, and decorating our home.  I love to travel, wander, and shop.  

So to keep this blog "me" and still satiate my hunger to write about my baby boy, I recently I started a tumblr page completely dedicated to writing letters to Cormac - chronicling his life and giving him advice along the way.

That is not to say I won't still post on this blog about motherhood and Baby Mac...I will!!!...but I really want modern garden to be more of a mix of my interests and thoughts.  So if you want more baby goodness, such as occasional installments of the details of my pregnancy, how I told Hubby I was preggo, and see different pictures than you will see on mg, please check out {dear cormac} by clicking on the photograph below:

  Or if you're not super into the whole "baby" topic...stick around here.