Saturday, November 12, 2011

{day three : five things you hate}

***Note: I am currently doing a 7 day blog challenge, where I blog based on writing prompts from this post***

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Hate is such a strong word.  I'd like to think these are things I strongly dislike.  I really don't like being negative on my blog, but I guess this is my opportunity to vent unapologetically.  So, I "hate"...

1. Clutter.  I refuse to watch even a moment of Hoarders because it will give me a tick and most likely an anxiety attack.  I am a tosser.  I will get rid of anything that is not serving a specific purpose.  I have to either use it or LOVE how it looks or it is gone.  I think there is a saying "Cluttered house, cluttered mind" and it applies to me.  I remember in college I could only do my studying if my workspace was clear and it was perfectly quiet.  I like things very simple, very tidy, very organized.  When I am stressed, I clean and end up taking a bunch of stuff to Goodwill.  Makes me feel liberated.

2.  Stray cats in my neighborhood.  Call me an evil person, but the fact that people constantly leave food out for stray cats, thus causing them to live in our neighborhood, thus causing them to poop in my flowerbeds, thus causing them to breed more illegitimate kittens, has me steaming mad.  Did I mention they poop in my flowerbeds?  I like cats, if they are contained and cared for by actual owners.  I can't let my dog roam free and poop wherever he wants to.  Plus, if there were stray dogs everywhere the local animal control would be out regulating in a heartbeat.  For some reason they ignore the growing population of unclaimed felines.  Stepping off my soapbox now...wait, no I'm not...

3.  Unrealistic expectations of beauty.  There is not one type of beautiful.  For example, skinny does not = beautiful.  There are beautiful skinny girls,  but as women we have to be careful that we do not try to dictate what constitutes beauty.  The truth is: beauty comes in all forms.  You can be short and curvaceous or tall and very thin, and both can be beautiful.  This is one of the fears I have about having a daughter...that some ignorant person will remark to her that skinny=pretty {or tall or voluptuous} and she will either strive desperately her whole life to achieve that very superficial goal, or will simply feel bad about herself if her body type is not what one person thinks it should be.  As women we need to build each other up, strive to be healthy, and watch our words.  Beautiful can be any size.

4. Mean girls.  Specifically those that cut down other females behind their back.  I tend to tune out when I hear one woman insult another woman who is not there to defend herself.   I have had people that I've not liked, but I will not say nasty things about them to other people.  It screams insecure.  Plus, I know how much it can hurt, because I've had some extremely nasty things said about me.  If someone really has an issue with another person and want it resolved, they should confront that person like an adult.  Otherwise, end the relationship and quit talking about them behind their back.  It's not flattering.

5.  Debt.  I have no interest in paying interest on anything besides our house...and even that isn't very appealing.  I'm perfectly okay driving a modest vehicle, buying my clothes at Target, and living in a house that requires a much smaller mortgage than what a bank will approve us for...if it means we have no debt and are living well below our means.  Less stressful that way.   Guilt-free vacations that way.  Earlier retirement that way.  Happier marriage that way.

Wow -- that felt good!
Thanks for letting me rant!


  1. I really like this list! I agree with everything other then the cats because I feed the stray cats...I can't help it. Well I try to feed them before Gizmo chases them away! And the best one is the debt one. I mean WAY too many people are age are is so much debt, it's terrible! Here's to paying our mortgages off early and living completely debt free some day!

  2. #1 i'm also a tosser, to the point where sometimes i'll think, "crap, i should have kept that," lol. #2 stray cats don't bother me at all, but i don't feed them either. #3 that is one of the reasons why i despise photo/video-editing in ads & commercials, ugh! #4 mean girls, mean guys, mean kids... it makes me sad how much anger & hate people harbor within them, & it's difficult to be kind to those who need it most when they're the least appreciative. #5 totally agree, high-five!

  3. Ohhhh....clutter. ;) Love it. I have a hard time getting rid of ANYTHING in the fear that I will someday NEED it. Hahahaha.

  4. I never heard it called a tosser but that is me too. It feels much more free when I am not burdened with STUFF that has no purpose or beauty.

    I have listened to Paul talking about debt for the two years we have worked together. He has raised my awareness and I aspire to be as good about money and debt as you two have become. I am no where near that yet though.....

    I am a major cat lover and have adopted six feral cats who started hanging around my patio garden. They live in my condo now. That being said I would not be happy with a lot of stray cats hanging around because someone else was feeding them. In the neighborhoods I have lived in people had cats and dogs that generally stayed in their own yards if they were outside. Unfortunately the neighborhood and surrounding areas where you live are known to have a huge number of stray cats.


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