Sunday, March 25, 2012

mama&baby weekend: girl food and chick flick reviews!

It was our first solo weekend together...just me and this guy...
...well, and this guy, too:
Believe me, I missed my Hubby greatly!  However, there were two perks to a weekend alone {well, after baby went to sleep}:

1. I ate whatever I wanted!!!  I love cooking, and especially love cooking for Hubby; however, sometimes it's nice to choose foods completely based on my own whims.  When I was single and living on my own I lived on: pizza, rice, cereal, and store-bought pastas.  My tastes were simple {carbs!!!}, my budget was small.   Now I know how to cook...but still crave some of my old indulgences.   Let's just say that one of my meals may or may not have consisted of a whole box of Raisinettes and tater tots dipped in barbecue sauce.

Okay, well I wasn't completely unhealthy!  Friday night I made this pear and arugula pizza, a recipe I posted about {here} -- was just as delicious this time around.  I basically ate one of these myself:
 This is the wine I drank this weekend {not all at once, don't worry!}
I won't give it a resounding plug  -- it was nothing to rave over.  But I will share a fantastic red on Wednesday, I promise!
#2.   Chick flicks!!!  I rented two.  Friday night I chose one that I had really high expectations of: My Week with Marilyn.  All the Oscar buzz had me thinking this would be a fantastic film.
But while Michelle Williams does an amazing portrayal of "Miss Monroe" - the overall film wasn't that great, in my opinion.  I was mistakenly expecting to admire Marilyn and come away from the film with warm, fuzzy feelings about her.  Not even close, in fact, I realized how little I knew about her life and personality.  That is all I will say.   Oh, and Kenneth Branagh was a standout, of course, as Laurence Olivier.

The other chick flick I rented was What's Your Number? a comedy starring Anna Faris.
My expectations were low, even though I adore Anna Faris.  I pretty much want her to be my best friend.  Anyway, the movie ended up being hilarious.  I highly recommend renting for a light-hearted watch  - would be great for a girls night in!

Overall, the weekend had it's lovely moments {Kentucky winning!!!} and it's not-so-lovely {Baby Cormac decided to regress back to waking up during the night and became extremely clingy to me without his Dada around.}  I love all the snuggles and kisses I got from him...but there was also a lot of screaming and crying, particularly surrounding bedtime.

Any other mamas have these issues when daddy's not around???
Also, I'd love to hear other opinions on the two movies...
Happy {almost} Monday!