Sunday, March 25, 2012

mama&baby weekend: girl food and chick flick reviews!

It was our first solo weekend together...just me and this guy...
...well, and this guy, too:
Believe me, I missed my Hubby greatly!  However, there were two perks to a weekend alone {well, after baby went to sleep}:

1. I ate whatever I wanted!!!  I love cooking, and especially love cooking for Hubby; however, sometimes it's nice to choose foods completely based on my own whims.  When I was single and living on my own I lived on: pizza, rice, cereal, and store-bought pastas.  My tastes were simple {carbs!!!}, my budget was small.   Now I know how to cook...but still crave some of my old indulgences.   Let's just say that one of my meals may or may not have consisted of a whole box of Raisinettes and tater tots dipped in barbecue sauce.

Okay, well I wasn't completely unhealthy!  Friday night I made this pear and arugula pizza, a recipe I posted about {here} -- was just as delicious this time around.  I basically ate one of these myself:
 This is the wine I drank this weekend {not all at once, don't worry!}
I won't give it a resounding plug  -- it was nothing to rave over.  But I will share a fantastic red on Wednesday, I promise!
#2.   Chick flicks!!!  I rented two.  Friday night I chose one that I had really high expectations of: My Week with Marilyn.  All the Oscar buzz had me thinking this would be a fantastic film.
But while Michelle Williams does an amazing portrayal of "Miss Monroe" - the overall film wasn't that great, in my opinion.  I was mistakenly expecting to admire Marilyn and come away from the film with warm, fuzzy feelings about her.  Not even close, in fact, I realized how little I knew about her life and personality.  That is all I will say.   Oh, and Kenneth Branagh was a standout, of course, as Laurence Olivier.

The other chick flick I rented was What's Your Number? a comedy starring Anna Faris.
My expectations were low, even though I adore Anna Faris.  I pretty much want her to be my best friend.  Anyway, the movie ended up being hilarious.  I highly recommend renting for a light-hearted watch  - would be great for a girls night in!

Overall, the weekend had it's lovely moments {Kentucky winning!!!} and it's not-so-lovely {Baby Cormac decided to regress back to waking up during the night and became extremely clingy to me without his Dada around.}  I love all the snuggles and kisses I got from him...but there was also a lot of screaming and crying, particularly surrounding bedtime.

Any other mamas have these issues when daddy's not around???
Also, I'd love to hear other opinions on the two movies...
Happy {almost} Monday!


  1. I've had a few weekends spent with my family, when dadda wasn't around, and they are Very. Tiring. ;) It makes me especially thankful to not be a single mama, that's for sure. {Daddy will be having his first weekend with baby coming up in a couple months!}

    The evenings are lovely, though. :) Pasta and Raisinettes. Mmmmm. My fav.

    Bet you are glad to be a family of 3 again. ;)

  2. With Ben working night shift, I got to basically experience being home along right off the bat with Ben's work. We don't see him during the day because he is sleeping and gets up after Aiden goes to bed for dinner. However, not to long after Aiden was born, he also had some work and fun trips he took for the weekend. It makes you really feel for single Moms and hopefully Paul gave you a nice break when he got home. I usually make some salmon when Ben is gone, just because he complains about fish so much when I make it for dinner with him.

    Thanks for the movie review. I have a problem watching anything with Michelle Williams in it because I just think of Dawson's creek. I will for sure have to rent that second one. Love a good romantic comedy!

  3. I haven't seen either of those but can totally relate on the making what you want for dinner thing!! Mine is usually some form of pasta. That pizza looks delicious - I'm going to have to try that one.

  4. My parents just watched the Marilyn one the other day and they said the same as you - not what they expected. Now I'm seriously intrigued!!!



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