Wednesday, March 28, 2012

wine wednesday: middle sister 'rebel red'....& tuna farfalle with mushrooms

I guess you could call me a "middle sister."  I am a sister.  I am in the middle - of an older sister and brother, and a little brother.  So I thought it was fitting for me to try a Middle Sister wine.  Any excuse to try a new wine, right?  :)

After checking out 'the girls' on their adorable website I had to choose this fine lady - "Rebel Red":
I wasn't disappointed.  It actually reminded me a lot of the Cupcake Red Velvet that I recommended recently here - very fruity but yet has substance, delicious particularly when it first hits your tongue, with a strong taste of raspberries.  Yum!  Especially as summer is just around the corner.  This tart but smooth red lives up to it's quirky, rebellious name.

And you can't have wine without good food, right?  Well, you can...but you might get drunk that way.  So I paired miss 'Rebel' with a yummy pasta - tuna farfalle with mushrooms.  Oh, and anchovies.  I'd never cooked with anchovies before, so I was a little skittish at first.   However, they get sauteed, chopped up very finely, and end up adding a lot to the flavor.
Hubby gave this one his 'seal of approval.'
For the full recipe, click {here} - so good!
So here's to all you 'middles' out there -- with the responsible 'oldests' to live up to, and the adorable, spoiled 'babies' who unintentionally stole your thunder.   Raise your glass, ladies {or gents!}  :)


  1. putting this one on my list as I love raspberries. I'm the oldest here of 4 but I'll still raise glass : )

  2. wow, both the wine & the dish look/sound delish! thanks for sharing!! :) {love from an older sister} hehe

  3. I'm the spoiled baby sister that may or may not have stole thunder on purpose...but this wine sounds great and after looking at the label I'm sold even if it didn't taste so good. The label is too cute!


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