Thursday, June 12, 2014

mamarazzi : sibling love

I don't know how it is in all families with two toddlers...but despite the occasional scuffle and shrieking match, mine kind of adore each other. We are talking snuggles, kisses, hugs, hog piles, adoring gazes - the works.

It was perhaps this way for my older siblings, who were also two years apart, just like Cormac and Finola.  Meanwhile, I came five years after my sister and four years before my little while there was the required sibling love, there was much more annoyance when we were little...usually at the younger sibling for hanging around, stealing thunder, or just being in the way!  I love the topic of birth order, so perhaps there is something uniquely beautiful about spacing your kids no more than two years apart.

Sure, there are moments when I wish Hubby and I had waited a tiny bit longer (maybe six months or even another whole year) before getting pregnant with #2.  These moments typically occur when I am feeling overwhelmed while mothering, eyes heavenward inwardly asking "God, what made you think I could handle this????!!!!"  

Birth order is also one of many reasons I strongly hesitate adding a third babe into the mix.  I wonder how it would affect the personalities of and the relationship between the two - oh, how the dynamic would change! (Plus, my head would probably explode and God would get reeeeeally tired of my questioning His parenting abilities.)

But most of the time, like when I look at these photos and see that clearly this - this two and this age difference - was meant to be.

Every once in a while I just get a sudden itch to take photos of my kids and end up with a few that I love.  (Excuse all the different filters - I did a lot of playing around with these.)
Have you had any 'mamarazzi' sessions of your own, lately?