Wednesday, October 17, 2012

design journal : stainless steel apron sink

As the kitchen renovation looms on the horizon, I thought I would share our most recent addition to the design -- a stainless steel apron sink.  Originally we were looking at white porcelain farmhouse sinks, which I think look absolutely gorgeous.  But while searching for one we both might like, Hubby came across a stainless steel option and threw it out there to me.  I was smitten.  We both agreed it went better with our vision for the kitchen - which hopefully will capture a warm, yet industrial look.  So the sink was ordered and it arrived the very next day.

While I can't show you exactly what our kitchen will look like, here are some gorgeous kitchens featuring stainless steel sinks...

The image below sort of shows how the sink will vibe with the dark cherry cabinets in our future kitchen, and the lighter shade of granite countertops we are planning on.  I love the look! {Um, and that beverage basin built into the island!!!}

What is your favorite style of kitchen sink? 
In what ways does your kitchen reflect your design style/personality? 

What type of faucet do you think we should go with? 
Super industrial or more traditional?