Saturday, February 14, 2015

in lieu of a card...

Dear Valentine,
I was going to give you a card.  A real nice card.  However, I thought, knowing you as I do, this would mean a lot more.  (Plus, this does not cost $6 like the card I was going to buy you.  Which I know matters to you, my financial-minded Valentine. :) )

I know I am a lot to put up with at times.  A fiery temper.  Kinda selfish.  More than my fair share of crazy.  Dramatic.  Emotional.   Ridiculous.  "Annoying." (hehe)  

Despite all that, I know you love me.  You always have.  You were the guy who sent me flowers and chocolate even when we lived far apart and I'm pretty sure we weren't even dating.  The guy who wrote me real letters, lovely letters, even when email would have been easier.  The guy who felt confident about marrying me even after my own parents tried to "warn him" kindly that I am a lot to handle.  

The guy who took on took on my debt when we got married and didn't blink an eye.  (Then put us on a strict budget to pay it off, of course.)

You, my Valentine, are more than I could have hoped for.  Romance and comfort and excitement all rolled into one.

Thanks for sitting through countless episodes of the Bachelor with me, telling me you love my hair no matter how short or long it is, coming to my rescue always, being the calm + logical one when I am the total spaz, and trusting me as your partner in life.

I thank God for you every day.

The most dedicated reader of this little blog.

My Hubby.

Will you be mine - forever?  

Your Wifey
thanks for being so fun - and for thinking I am fun, too!