Saturday, October 23, 2010

pretty pantry

This morning I opened my pantry door to begin my weekend ritual of brewing a full pot of coffee {which I sip blissfully throughout the morning while doing laundry} and I realized:

My pantry is a hot mess.

It has no rhyme or reason.

It is not, NOT pretty!

So I decided today I need to organize/revamp my pantry -- and find a way to make even my normal, boring pantry look {pretty.}

Here are some pretty pantries I found while searching for inspiration {aka avoiding the laundry}:

I love the bright yellow in this pantry -- so vibrant and cheery! This is showing Elfa wire shelving from The Container Store, which my husband lovingly installed after we moved in. It is fantastic! Hubby maximized every inch of our walk-in pantry! (I promise I will share pics once my pantry revamp is done!)

Here is another Elfa pantry...this time with fun lime-green accessories. {Can I just say I am in love with that citrusy lime mixer?}

I really like the wood shelving/cabinets in this one, and that there are some drawers that actually "hide" things -- not everything stored in the pantry is pretty! I am actually also digging the glass jars storing all kinds of things. Hmmm...perhaps I could incorporate some of these?

So now I am off to begin the organizing process, and create a pantry that makes sense! Oh, and finish the laundry. :o)