Monday, April 8, 2013

the renovation : painting original trim white...and a doorway opened!

We debated for quite a few months as to whether or not we wanted to paint the original trim in 'the dream home' white...or keep it in its natural, original state.  1859-style.  

It was hard.  
We didn't hate it.
But we didn't love it.

In the end we decided if this was really our long-term home we wanted to love it.
So why settle?  We like white trim better.
So white it has become. 
Well, the downstairs.  
Upstairs will happen eventually.


Absolutely no regrets.

The moral:  It is your home - you should LOVE it.
We are keeping the doors the natural color, as well as the trim inside the windows and around the giant double doorframe between the front living room and kitchen.
So, you purists out there, breathe easy.
 We are keeping some 1859 character.
Here are some before and after photos.
(Keep in mind the walls have not been painted yet - the only thing that has changed is the trim color and we removed the picture rails in the living room.)

Looking down at the doorway to the nursery 


And from the hallway through the newly opened doorway - our house is now officially a single family home - not a 2 unit!  Hurrah!

The beginnings of a nursery! 

And a look back through from the nursery...

Front living room

Stairway and hallway trim

like the dusty handprints on the handrail?  I long for the day when my house is renovation dust free!

Front doors {BEFORE}


Doorway from living room to foyer 


Living room {BEFORE}

...and {AFTER}

The kitchen {BEFORE}:

All that is different in the kitchen is the white trim...but I think it makes a huge difference!

I just think everything looks happier, bigger and brighter.

I can't wait until we have time to paint the front rooms upstairs...
but with this baby coming, 
that might be awhile!

More progress to come soon -
hardwoods in the kiddo bedrooms get installed this week!