Thursday, May 17, 2012

settling catan...and eating pizza!

We recently had friends over to play that game that my husband loves {as do many others} and I put up with because I also have a dad and brothers that love it as well:
Settlers of Catan.
Anyone else have Catan lovers in their house?
It's kind of like Risk.
I'm more of a Balderdash girl, myself.
Anyway, having a game night gave us an excuse to invite some fun friends over,  make a bunch of yummy pizzas and drink lots of beer...and wine.

The menu:  Chicken and Garlic Pesto, Margherita flatbread, and {my fave} Pear and Goat Cheese pizzas.  Also, salt & black pepper kettle chips, red grapes {I'm addicted and have these around constantly} and a veggie tray with yummy Greek yogurt ranch dip.
And beer.  And wine.

 The game: Settlers of Catan
 The flowers: Sunflowers!
 Margherita flatbreads being prepared.
 Before going into the oven and then being topped with fresh basil and balsamic vinegar.  Mmmmmm...
 Had to have something wildly unhealthy around...wait, I think I got these in the all-natural section???

 This wine is good -- and even better if you aerate it first. 

 So I didn't get any nice photos of the finished pizzas...just this sad one!  Oops.
 An "intense" game of Catan in progress.
 Me: "Uh...anyone got any rock?  How 'bout some sheep?  Anyone? Okay, I'm getting more wine."

Hubby won.  Of course.
Cheers to a fun game night!