Friday, January 10, 2014

january 'no sweets' challenge : check-in #2

It has been a week and a few days...anyone else out there still 'sweet-free'???
Has your sweet-fast been relatively uneventful, or are you feeling a bit like doing this...

Even though I am not a huge sweet eater, I have to say, I've had my moments of weakness.   Moments when I have wanted to cave.  Like during The Bachelor when I love to eat some sort of dessert with Hubby and indulge in both the sugar and the drama.   Like when I want to dump a load of sugary sweet creamer into my coffee.   Like when I am giving Cormac a sweet treat and I usually would grab a cookie or two for myself.

As I read the paragraph above it just sounds a little silly.  I don't need any of that...and usually I feel somewhat icky after I eat sugary stuff anyway.

Honestly, it has already been completely worth any small sacrifice.  Why?

Here is what I've noticed after less than two weeks:

- I feel less sluggish.  
- I need less caffeine to function.  I know - WHA?  I am a 2-3 cup a day coffee drinker normally, because, well, I need it.  Or I did.  Or I thought I did.  Surprisingly the last few days I have not needed the afternoon caffeine fix.  Also, I've been waking up in the morning more refreshed, and less focused on getting my butt down to the Keurig and getting that coffee brewing.
- I feel "thinner."  Not saying that I actually am thinner, as I haven't checked the scale recently and I probably don't look any different...but I feel somehow "thinner."

Anyone else feeling just plain better?  Is it inspiring you to make other healthy eating choices as well?  I know I have been drinking a lot more water since starting the challenge.  In fact, sugary foods/drinks are just starting to sound 'eh' to me.

Tell me how you are doing!!!!!!  I hope, if you are truly doing this, you are noticing results and feeling encouraged by them.  Happy Friday!