Thursday, January 19, 2012

mama confessions: baby names & bath time

I have had my 'girl baby name' picked out since I was eleven.  I was on the floor of my bedroom, during the heat of the summer {we had no AC} flipping through a Seventeen magazine, when I saw it.  It was some girl from Arizona State in a feature on fashion at different universities.  She had the perfect name, and I decided right then and there I would name my daughter that.  

I also have three 'boy names' picked out.  I'm pretty convinced I will have another boy or two, so I must be triply prepared on this one.   And no, I won't post any of my names - I like to surprise {and annoy} people! ;)

Why am I even thinking about this? My sister in law Jen recently announced on her precious blog that she is pregnant!  I love all things baby and pregnancy, so I am super excited for Baby B!  Plus, a whole lot of other bloggers that I adore and follow are also pregnant...and it is interesting to see every woman's different take on her journey towards having a baby {or another baby!}

{Side note: No, I am not pregnant, nor do I plan to be any time soon.  That will happen when my current baby can walk, talk, and feed himself.  I am very confident I can take my birth control correctly until that happens.}

Anyway, here is a list of the baby names most likely to be used in 2012 {at least according to this survey.}  Check it out by clicking HERE.  Any catch your eye?  

None of my names are on this list...which makes me happy.  I really like some of them - Jude, Isla, and Scarlett are my favorites.  But I, like the article's author, feel darn good that none of my names are predicted to be trendy this year.

Heck, let's face it.  My names will never be popular.  I mean, I named my kid Cormac.  Which I still adore, even though no one seems to be able to pronounce it {Carmex?  Cognac?  CorMACK?} and most give me a weird look when I tell them.  Which only makes me like it more.  People did {and sometimes still do} that with my name, too.  I think I've met 3 people named 'Greta' in my life.  I love having a name no one else I know has...and I think he will, too.

On to my confession:  I have yet to take any bathtime pictures of Baby Cormac.  I know, right?  Slacker!  My excuse is that taking photos of my baby while he is in the bathtub seems kind of dangerous, as bathtime is typically during the day when Hubby is at work.  And since I still have to keep him upright in the tub, and quite frankly don't want my camera to fall in the water, we will have to settle for some post-bath pics.  Which are almost as good.  :)

If you haven't noticed, my baby does not smile at cameras.  
He stares in wonder...
or sometimes annoyance.
We'll work on that.

Anyway, did any of the names on 'the list' make it on your list? {if you have one!}
How do you choose your baby names?  A list like this?  Books? A generator/name wizard?
Family names? And do you/will you share the name prior to birth?

I only tell my sister.

Much Friday love to you!