Monday, December 31, 2012

ten reasons I'm afraid to have a girl

It's official.  We are having...
. . . . 
 . . . . 
  . . . . 
   . . . . 
    . . . .
to wait until the birth to find out the gender.  

I'm excited and petrified all at the same time.  I like to be super mentally/physically prepared for everything as much as is humanly possible, and waiting on the gender of our second babe is sure to be a challenge.

Hubby wants to wait - and am I now officially on board!  Er, as much as a control freak can be.

I figure we did it my way the first time, and it will be interesting to change it up a bit this pregnancy.

As I've been pretty open about, I've always pictured myself as a 'boy mama.'  I see myself as the 'alpha female' in the house.  I've loved my experience with Cormac, who is more and more 'boy' the older he gets.  Climbing on everything, jumping on everything, letting out gutteral boy yells constantly...and yet so, so, so affectionate and sweet.  He is a kisser, a hugger, a snuggler, a total lover.   I would adore another little boy.

However, there are things I could get really excited about if it is a girl, though, too.  I love girl clothes, girl decor, and almost all things girlie.  I know little girls who seem sweet, balance and normal.  Plus, from all I have heard girls are much easier when they are little {albeit harder when they reach the pre-teen/teen years.   But all in all, having a girl worries me more than it excites me.  Just being honest.

So we'll see.  God knows better than me what will be perfect for our fam.

'Til then, here are some girls and things about girls that scare this lil mama...

1. Honey Boo Boo.  So they say that having a girl 'steals the mother's beauty.'  Hmmm...
Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

2. Snooki
Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

3. This picture.  I think it is supposed to be cute and make you want to have a little girl.  It has the opposite effect on me.  Makes my skin crawl.  Can we just let little girls be "kids" and not "miniature women?"  Eeesh.
Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

4. The cost of prom/homecoming/dance classes, etc. etc. etc.
5. The cost of weddings.
6. The teenage years.  This is when I will have to get used to my baby that I birthed telling me how much she hates me and I "don't understand" which I probably won't.

7. The 'mommy issues' she will surely have.  I'm sorry, but even those who claim their mother is 'perfect and amazing' have 'mommy issues.'  Their issue in particular might be 'delusion.'

8. Watching her get her heart broken by boys I know are not worth her time anyway, but can't tell her that because it would only make her despise me. 'Nough said.

9. Being suspicious of every man that looks at her.

10. Mean girls.  Hopefully she wouldn't be one...but surely she will have to deal with them.

The only thing that restores my faith in having a daughter is reading Little Women or Jane Austen novels.  Surely my daughter will turn out like Jo March or Elizabeth Bennett, right?



Friday, December 28, 2012

{christmas cousins}

I had written a whole post about Christmas traditions.  It was beautiful and enthralling.  Then I got hellaciously ill, then Christmas happened, then post-Christmas happened...and the moment for that post past.   Sigh.  Next year.  :)

So instead, I'll just share one of our new traditions - the 'cousin pic'!  Now that there are two sweet babies around during family gatherings, with more surely on the way, I really want to be able to look back and see how they grow throughout the years.

And remember their sweet Christmas pajamas.  Jammies.  Cozies.  However you say it in your house.

So here are the two babes we have so far - Cormac and Emmie.  
Aren't her cheeks amazing?

And just because I feel this photograph encapsulates the aftermath of Christmas celebrations for you go:

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

one year ago : christmas

I love looking back on how much changes in only one year.
I can hardly believe this tiny thing was my baby boy 
just last Christmas!

He couldn't help me decorate the tree, but he seemed intrigued by the lights...

One of these were supposed to be our Christmas photo last year...but I  was a major slacker and never actually sent one out.

Doesn't my bald baby look thrilled to be wrapped in lights?  Pretty sure this is one photo idea he will make fun of his mama for years down the road...

And this year.  
He was able to clomp around in the mud while we cut down our tree. 
Oh, and he ate some mud, too!  

Despite the mud and the lack of pretty Christmas snow, our traditional tree-cutting outing was still really fun!
Hubby did most of the work.

Not our official Christmas photo...but I swear we got a couple good ones and I actually did order cards this year.  Maybe they will get mailed by New Years???

Cormac also "helped" me decorate the tree this week.  It was cute to watch him try.  Now to train him to not pull the ornaments off the tree...

Hope everyone is having a fun and {mostly} 
stress-free holiday season so far!

Monday, December 17, 2012

{16 week bumpdate}

Sixteen weeks.  I feel, concurrently, like I have been pregnant forever and that I don't have nearly enough time until this baby gets here.   It is an odd feeling, but I am trying to just enjoy this second trimester, as I have heard that the third trimester of your second pregnancy is more brutal than ever. 
Rants {the crappy stuff}:
I feel huge, I have heartburn a lot, my back aches constantly, and sleeping is difficult.  Going through the same sleep issues I had last pregnancy, in that I like sleeping on my back, but am not supposed to while I wake up on my back various times a night and feel guilty and flip to my side.  It is a vicious, un-restful cycle.  Plus, despite being in my second tri and having more energy, I still feel completely exhausted at the end of the day, like I need about twenty hours of sleep to catch up.  I frequently wonder how I am even surviving the day.  Accomplishing all that I want to accomplish during the Christmas season, especially with the kitchen still a construction zone, is very, very difficult while pregnant and raising a toddler.  It will probably take me all week to decorate our tree, which we just cut down yesterday.
Raves {the happy stuff}: 
I just love it when Cormac insists on lifting up my shirt so he can kiss my bare belly after I ask, "Where is your baby brother or sister?"  It is the sweetest thing.
Heard the heartbeat again, and all else checked out well at my sixteen week appt.  No reprimands about my weight gain, thankfully.
Loving that people aren't afraid to ask about my bump anymore!!!
sweater and lace cami - target // leggings - f21 // nothing maternity...just one size up!
Weight gain: 11 pounds.  Surprisingly, I weighed the same at this point in my last pregnancy...which makes me feel slightly better about myself.  Pass the ice cream, please.
Nausea:  Still the occasional bout of dry heaving...but so, so, so much better!  
Skin: Still fine!  No crazy bad breakouts, itching, etc.  No real glow yet...however one of my friends told me I no longer look "green."  :)
Boobs:  I sometimes walk around in public with my bra unclasped.  Thankfully that bra is so dang tight it doesn't move an inch.  Finally understand the whole "18 hour bra" thing.  Need to go up another size.  That is all I will say about all that.  
Cravings:  Just loving all sweet things now!  Never was a die-hard dessert girl until this pregnancy.  Last night I ate the largest piece of cheesecake ever.
Aversions:  Nothing - can eat just about anything now, praise the Lord!  Although smells really get to me.  I have walked out of several restaurants solely based on how they smell.   I also have doused my husband {and surrounding areas} with Febreze on various occasions.
Exercise: Still doing pilates/yoga mix class once a week, and upped my gym visits to five days a week.  The weather has not been great for running outside with the baby/dog, but is essential for me to get out and do something, considering the chaos in the house due to the kitchen renovation...oh, and considering how much food I am eating.
Dreams: Had my first baby dream!  I dreamt I went to the hospital, which looked suspiciously like a nail salon, to have the baby, but then I blacked out and couldn't remember the labor or delivery.  I arrived back at the nail salon the next day, all spacy asking if I had had my baby and where was it?  The nurse/manicurist pointed to one of the pedicure chairs, in which sat a beautiful baby with huge blue eyes, just staring at me expectantly.  I knew it was my child, but wasn't sure if it was a boy or a girl.  So I walked over and unwrapped the blanket it was swaddled in, revealing...a girl!  
Clothing:  I have started to wear some of my maternity jeans...but they are still too loose and hang off my butt.  It's not cute.  So lately it has been a lot of leggings because I don't want to squeeze into my regular jeans anymore.  Shirts need to be either maternity or one size larger than normal.  Or extra long and stretchy.
Heartbeat: 140. Hmmm...much lower than last month.  
Baby movement: Nothing distinct.  I would be concerned except we heard a strong heartbeat this week as well as what the midwife said were "movements" (weird, quick swish sounds now and again) on the Doppler wand thing.  She thinks my placenta might be on the front of my uterus (???) which would make it harder for me to feel much movement.
Gender speculation: Oh I think boy.  My motherly intuition is completely messed up.  I guess I have no intuition on this baby.  He/she will be a total surprise, even though all the old wives' tales seem to point to 'girl.'  So will we find out the gender at our ultrasound next month?  Initially I really wanted it to be a surprise at the birth...then I totally changed my mind.  Now Hubby wants to wait until the birth to find out.  AH!  I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO?!?!?
Baby names: Both boy and girl names chosen a while ago - with the middle names now decided on.  We will do the same middle name whether a boy or a girl.  
Hubby feels: Went from excited to finding out the gender, to wanting to keep it a surprise.  Getting a ton done on the kitchen (it's nearly all operable!) so he is feeling less stressed about getting all the planned pre-baby renovations accomplished.
Bump progress:

                    Yup...I just posted a bikini baby bump shot.

Friday, December 14, 2012

preggo vlogs #3 and #4

Another two installments of vlogs!  
Please keep in mind that I am not a professional vlogger, clearly.  (Is there such a thing???)
I don't "dress up" for these, and sometimes I don't do my hair.  I do not plan out what I am going to say.  I just talk.  I try to stay on topic.  I try not forget what I am talking about.  Enjoy!

This vlog was filmed at 10 weeks along.  That seems like forever ago.
It is the 'one where I speak of my mental state' - or how depression can be affected by pregnancy.  I even made it sepia-toned to make it look more sad.  Just kidding.  I was trying to distract from my pasty pale skin!

This is the 'one where my scarf takes over my life' - at 12 weeks, when things start to look a little brighter!


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

old wives tales...and cast your vote on baby's gender!

Well,'s time to weigh in on Baby Two's gender.  
Take the blog poll on the top right sidebar for funsies!  We will find out the gender at our ultrasound January 7th...if Hubby allows it!

So...will Cormac have a little sister to watch over and protect?  Or will he have a brother to play with and fight with and compete with?  (Oh, I know that this will not predict their actual dynamic...just play along with my stereotypical gender role speculation.)  

Wants a bunch of Old Wives' Tales to confuse you and skew your judgement?

I thought so!  Below are all the ones that I've found on the good ol' internet....
Chinese Birth Chart: girl {there are different ones that say the opposite...I'm going by the one I used with Cormac...which was accurate.}

Ring Test: girl {with Cormac it said boy}

Toddler Interested in Belly: girl

Craving sweets: girl

Carrying Low: boy...but when I carried high I had a boy.

Skin Good/Same: boy...but with Cormac my skin was horrible

Increase of Moodiness: girl

Bad Nausea/Morning Sickness: girl

Mom's Beauty - Stolen! : girl

Big boobs: girl

Motherly intuition: girl

The Mayan Tale: boy

Dreams:  girl {well, I have had only one, and the baby was distinctly girl.  although some OWT's say you have the opposite!}

Previous Child's 1st Word is Dada: boy

Heart rate above 140 - girl

Daddy Not Gaining Weight:  boy {well, so far.  with cormac he did, so I'm not sure of the accuracy here.}

Mama is Graceful (vs Clumsy) : girl {can still easily do all my yoga poses!!!}

 So now you can vote...
and let me know of any old wives tales I might have missed in the comment section!!!    

Monday, December 10, 2012

st. maarten babymoon.

Ah, beautiful St. Maarten!
This was where Hubby planned our beach vacation, 
and I must say we both loved the island.
Perfect beach weather, felt safe, had no itinerary...
just complete relaxation.
I must say, vacationing in your second trimester is much more enjoyable than in your first!

My favorite things?
1. our hotel (nice pick hubby!}
2. staying up late, knowing I could sleep in the next day
3. the "classy" topless beaches, as opposed to the fully nude tourist attractions.
4. the way the islanders had no problem asking about my pregnancy
5. roundabouts
6. actually finishing a book in one day
7. relishing in all the food a gal could ask for - especially desserts!
8. have actual quality time with my husband
9. taking long, hot leisurely showers...without fear of a baby waking from a nap or being too tired to enjoy it.
10. not having to clean up after anyone.

*  *  *  *  *  

swimming at friar's bay 

me and my preggo belly {and new bangs!} - ready to hit the beach!

yummy beach drink!

view from our balcony at the holland house beach hotel.

view from the top of pic du paradis

at dinner one night.

sunset at mullet bay...pronounced {moo-LAY} unless you are from KY.

after a day at the beach!

walking down one of the alleys while shopping in phillipsburg

the island specialty - guavaberry rum drink

I could tell you it was just as much fun sipping "fruit juice" as it would have been drinking a ton of "guavaberry rum punch drinks" like the one Hubby is enjoying above...

...but then I'd be a big pregnant liar.  

Anyway, we got back Thursday night and then it was immediately back to the realities of kitchen renovations and full-time mamahood.   Kiddo got a black eye {Jimmy's Johns booth table 1, Cormac 0} and I spent all day Sunday suffering exhaustion/dehydration.
Feeling great now - ready to tackle another week!

Happy Monday! 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

preggo vlogs #1 and #2

This pregnancy I decided to do some video journals along with my normal weekly written journal {which I am sharing on the blog, in paraphrased form, every four weeks of my pregnancy through our 'bump-dates.'}

Keep in mind I feel much more natural writing my feelings, rather than speaking them.  However, I thought this might help you get to know me a little better, make me seem more like a "real" person behind the words that I write.

Or maybe it is just super awkward???  I don't feel awkward filming these at all, but it is always strange to see yourself on film and hear your own voice.  I never realized what it might be like conversing with myself.  I have determined four things about the experience:

1) My eyes bug out a lot.  I knew this, but actually seeing it is rather funny to me.
2) I say "um" and "so" and "just being honest" and "anyways" a lot.
3) I am pale.  Not the pretty pale, either.  The ghostly, pallid pale.
4) I have difficulty saying the word "vlog." It is a tricky one.

This is the 'one where I just found out I am pregnant' and I try to articulate my mixed feelings about that.  As I mentioned, I am not fantastic at articulating my thoughts orally, but hopefully this message comes across:  I am a little freaked out.  In a good way.  I think.  :D

Also, enjoy how I explain how a person gets pregnant - I'm sure you needed to know.  ;)

And here is the 'one where my toddler tries to kill me with a screwdriver.'  Sorry, you have to wait for the end to see that...or just skip to the end.  I also chat a bit about my birth plan.

Almost the weekend -- hurrah!  
We'll be on vacay next week.  The destination was supposed to be a surprise to me, but my MIL spilled the beans!  
I'll share with you soon!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

the renovation : kitchen progress poetry

'Twas a month before Christmas and all through the house
So many power tools were stirring you couldn't hear a mouse.
The mantle was removed from the chimney with care
In the hopes that someday there would be some new decorative tile there.

The baby was nestled all snug in his bed
The whirring of drills and air compressors ringing in his head,
With mama in her maternity pants and dada in his UK cap
Wondering when, oh when, would they ever get a nap???

Over the past few weeks there has so much been clutter and clatter
And so many tears from the preggo wifey that hubby didn't know what was the matter.
So away to Louisville last weekend he flew (with baby) like a flash
To escape a hormonal mama, who immediately went to the mall with a dash.

The cabinets are almost completely hung in their places with care.
The granite picked out, not much more to do there.
Appliances delivered, all shiny, stainless steel and new.
When plumbing and electric are finished, installation shall ensue.

I'm excited to cook, and unpack all my kitchen stuff!
Wow, this kitchen renovation sure has been tough.
I'd be lying if I said I'd do it over again.
At least not pregnant.  I'd never do it then!

Well, this has gone from Christmas classic to Dr. Seuss...guess it is time for me to stop rhyming.

Here are some kitchen pics!  
This was before the cabinets were installed...

Then we removed the oak fireplace mantle {not our style} and discovered various layers of wallpaper and an ingrained pattern on the stone that was most likely from 1859, when the house was originally built.  Actually, I have no idea, but that is the story I am going with.  See the second photo below for the detail... are some views of some of the new cabinets.  Sorry for the bad lighting.

There will be a ladder on rails to reach those super tall cabinets.  And that cluster of cabinets in the middle is the island, sans countertop.
Okay, so we still need: a ventilation hood in that big space there, potfiller, trim on the upper cabinets, tile backsplash, under and over cabinet lighting, the sink, oven, and cooktop to be installed...oh, and various other things like the granite basically there is still a TON to do before this kitchen renovation is complete. finally is feeling like a kitchen.   I feel like maybe I will be able to cook something in the next month or so.  That, my friends, is a beautiful feeling.

Merry kitchens to all, 
and to all a good night!

Friday, November 23, 2012

the surprise : finding out and sharing the news!

I've always been a planner.   I like to prepare mentally and physically for everything - as much as I possibly can.  When things happen unexpectedly it tends to take me a little while to process and readjust my mindset.  (A 'little while' can be an hour or a few months.)

Back in late September I started to have a few odd things happen.  Like, I would start crying about EVERYTHING.  Be completely overcome with emotion regarding any little sentimental thing, particularly having to do with babies. Shoulder-shaking sobs, out of the blue.

Also, a few other weird things.  A metallic taste in my mouth, usually in the morning.   Oh, and let's not forget my favorite (not really) the super sensitive breasts.   So, when I was a couple days late with my period and I had a slight but all-too-familiar feeling of nausea one morning, which quickly went away after eating a handful of crackers, I knew I had to bite the bullet - I had to get a pregnancy test.

I am pretty in tune with my body, and my mind knew I was pregnant.  The thought thrilled me a little, as I'd been having a mild case of 'baby fever.'  But my heart kept telling me, No way!  A false alarm.  You aren't quite ready, girl.

I seriously felt good about my effort toward natural family planning.  I had tracked my ovulation and we specifically avoided having unprotected sex an entire week surrounding my estimated ovulation days.  I did exactly what I did to track before we got pregnant the first time.  Which had worked.   But obviously my tracking this time was somehow way WAY off, or our method of backup birth control failed, because...

...that day in September, late afternoon, a mere three seconds passed after I hurriedly peed on the testing stick before it read: PREGNANT.  Very, very pregnant.  The line was less of a pink, but rather a foreboding deep, dark RED.

We had had plans to wait for a while - plans to finish the kitchen renovation and take a non-pregnant vacation.  I had plans to enjoy a few more months of being able to enjoy my nightly glass of wine.  But...
God had different plans for us.  Baby plans.
After I saw the positive read I was, honestly, a little panicked.  It was nothing like the first pregnancy, where all I felt was happy excitement and all was bright and shiny and new.  This time I already had a baby, who cannot yet talk, who is still in diapers, who takes pretty much all my energy all day long.  I was honestly a little scared when I saw that dark pink 'plus' sign.  Scared I can't handle two.  Scared because Cormac is still so small - still a baby himself.  Also, I was a bit sad.  Sad at the thought of having to divide my time and love between two babies.  Sad thinking that Cormac was getting cheated out of months, maybe years, more of being the center of our universe.

So, while I wanted to think of a cute way to tell Paul, like I did last time...I just couldn't wait.  Well, I waited until the next morning, when I felt too nauseous to make the 'cinna-bun in the oven' that maybe would say 'we're pregnant' in white icing or something nerdy like that.
my grand plans of a cute 'reveal' were foiled by my overwhelming emotions!
So, instead of following through with anything cute, that morning I got Cormac up like I normally do and brought him into our bedroom to snuggle for a few minutes with Hubby.  As we lay there, I stared nervously up at the ceiling and asked, "Is our vacation refundable?"

Hubby seemed shocked. "Why?" he asked quickly.

I burst into tears.  "Because I'm preeeeeegnant!!!!"

Imagine a real ugly cry here.

Hubby's arms went around me immediately and said, "Really?  Are you serious?  That is so GREAT!"  He was completely overjoyed.  He said all the right things to comfort me.  I felt better immediately just being able to share it with him.  I felt less alone, somehow.

I told my real sister and my best friend (Cincinnati sister) the night before I told Paul, just because I was a little freaked out.  They were amazing and supportive.

I told my parents during their short visit in early October...who were overjoyed about lucky Grandbaby #7!   My mama wants a girl baby...she was, of course, not shy in telling me.  No pressure. :)  Here we are during their visit, with Mother guarding my pregnant belly...
We told Hubby's parents and sisters in the weeks to set accidentally over the phone, the other set with Cormac wearing a "Big Brother" tee.  So fun to be able to share the news!

Now,  in my fourteenth week, I am finally over the initial shock and seemingly done with the nausea-ridden first trimester.  Also, the kitchen cabinets are nearly installed, the granite is picked out for the countertops, and the Christmas presents are {mostly} purchased.

Feeling more prepared.  Feeling more excited.  Feeling really thankful now that God, of course, had even better plans than my own.  His plans included speeding up the kitchen reno, speeding up the flooring installation in the back of the house, and making us a family of four in His time.  Our little babes will be almost two years apart, which will be so, so great.  And hard...but since God only gives us what we can handle, I am feeling grateful that He has this much faith in me and Hubby.

Thankful for all our family and loved ones who have been so, so, so supportive and genuinely happy for us and our pregnancy -- who have showered us with love and prayers and real happiness and excitement, rather than ridicule at our failed attempt at birth control.

That is what makes this pregnancy even more lovely than the last -- I feel this amazing vibe of  genuine love coming at us.  It is hard to explain, but this helps me feel more prepared and at ease with the pregnancy.

You know who you are -- we love you and and so grateful for all of you!

* * * * * 

Sick of preggo posts?  Kitchen reno progress update soon!  
It's getting there!!!


Sunday, November 18, 2012

{12 week bumpdate}

Our first bump-date! 
  I'll only be doing one of these every four weeks, like last pregnancy.  I personally don't think much changes in only one week and I honestly can't make that type of commitment!
  However, these will be slightly more detailed than last time.
(If you are interested, here is what I wrote about at twelve weeks last go 'round.  Not much!  I was too naive and deliriously happy to complain.  Wow, those were the days!) 

Now settle in with your coffee and grab a donut or some other fattening pastry.  
It will make me feel better.  :)

  jeans and cardi - Express // top - Forever 21 // nothing maternity 
Rants {the crappy stuff}:
I have a blogger friend (also pregnant with her second babe) who frequently writes that she is always forgetting she is pregnant.  This astounds me.  Maybe it is because Jules is a working mama, who has much busier days than I do.  More distractions, perhaps? My distractions are usually of the "toddler kind,"  which only makes me hyper-aware of my pregnant state and wondering, "Holy am I going to deal with two of these????"

At twelve weeks I have had a million moments when I wish I could forget I am pregnant, but the nausea, food aversions, severe crankiness and lack of motivation remind me almost constantly - "You are soooo pregnant, girl."

Okay, that is my rant this month.  As a pregnant woman I reserve the right to complain all I want to.  Just go with it.

Raves {the happy stuff}: 
Now that my tummy is actually sort of a bump and not entirely bloat it is a little more fun to be pregnant!  My energy is slowly returning, too, which is direly needed when you have a 16-month-old.

Recently, at my first "official" appointment we heard the heartbeat (well, Cormac and I did) and though I was a little distracted by the toddler yelling at me, hearing that familiar, quick, thump-thump-thump of the baby's tiny heart brought tears to my eyes.

Another happy thing?   I recently woke up, for the first time in seven weeks, without nausea.  Not to say I haven't had nausea still {I have} but usually first thing in the morning I wake up with that horrific sick feeling that if I don't eat something bland and tasteless I will most definitely vomit.  A break from that was a welcome surprise.
{my 16-month-old and my 12-week bump}
Weight gain: 7 pounds.  Yeah, that is way more than what is recommended during your first tri. My midwife told me I should gain only 20-25 pounds.  I nearly fainted.  Last time I gained 38.  This time it will most likely more.  Sorry, lady.
Nausea:  Subsiding slightly- finally!  It started at six weeks and has been really bad up until now.  Much worse than with Cormac.  Actual vomiting.
Skin: Fine (was super bad last pregnancy!)  No 'glow,' yet.  More like 'sallow.'
Boobs:  Sorry, but since 'the girls' are an important part of pregnancy, thus they shall be included.  I am already up a cup size.  Yikes!  Needless to say, Hubby is thrilled.  All I can say is by 5pm...ouch.  They have hurt a LOT worse this pregnancy, and got bigger faster.
Cravings:  None. For the past twelve weeks I eaten plenty, thus the weight gain...but with little enjoyment.
Aversions:  Until this week everything sounded bad.  I wasn't able to prepare any food, choose restaurants, or even enjoy what I was eating.  It was a foodie's worst nightmare.  Now that is slowly, very slowly,  getting better as well.
Exercise: Still doing pilates/yoga mix class once a week, as well as a couple other days at the gym...but am taking all my workouts a little easier.  Still can run just fine, but getting too cold to take the baby out in the jogging stroller, which is a bummer.  Only run a few times a week, instead of every single day.  Definitely working out more than during my last pregnancy, though!
Clothing:  Still wearing my regular pants, but have started to wear a few maternity tanks and shirts.  Just sooo much longer, more comfy and unlikely to creep up.
Heartbeat: 160...which doesn't tell you much this early.
Baby movement: Nope.  No sweet little flutters yet.  Sometimes when I'm carrying Cormac and he kicks around on my tummy I think I feel something familiar...but it is probably just my uterus being shifted in unnatural directions???
Gender speculation: Everyone says girl.  I think this is just wishful thinking on their parts.  When you have a boy already everyone wants you to have a girl, it seems.  I think two boys would be awesome.  Cormac has been a much fun!  Imagining him with a little bro, playing, fighting and getting into lots and lots of mischief makes me happy.   I've always pictured myself as a "boy mama" and that feeling remains.  However, my motherly intuition says...girl!
{I would love another little boy! But dang I had fun looking at girlie clothes at Target over the weekend!}
Baby names: Ha.  Like I would share that.  Sorry!  :D  Once again we will keep the name a secret until the birth.  I will say that we do have both first names already picked out, be it a girl or a boy.  Middle names are yet to be determined.
Hubby feels: Unprepared for another baby, due to house renovation.  Not nervous about having two - just excited!  Really excited about finding out the gender.  (Prefers boy.)  Feels that his wife is, well, ahem, a teensy bit more difficult to be around during this pregnancy.  Perhaps a little crankier.  Or a lot.

Bump progress:

Hope everyone is having a
lovely Monday!