Sunday, November 18, 2012

{12 week bumpdate}

Our first bump-date! 
  I'll only be doing one of these every four weeks, like last pregnancy.  I personally don't think much changes in only one week and I honestly can't make that type of commitment!
  However, these will be slightly more detailed than last time.
(If you are interested, here is what I wrote about at twelve weeks last go 'round.  Not much!  I was too naive and deliriously happy to complain.  Wow, those were the days!) 

Now settle in with your coffee and grab a donut or some other fattening pastry.  
It will make me feel better.  :)

  jeans and cardi - Express // top - Forever 21 // nothing maternity 
Rants {the crappy stuff}:
I have a blogger friend (also pregnant with her second babe) who frequently writes that she is always forgetting she is pregnant.  This astounds me.  Maybe it is because Jules is a working mama, who has much busier days than I do.  More distractions, perhaps? My distractions are usually of the "toddler kind,"  which only makes me hyper-aware of my pregnant state and wondering, "Holy am I going to deal with two of these????"

At twelve weeks I have had a million moments when I wish I could forget I am pregnant, but the nausea, food aversions, severe crankiness and lack of motivation remind me almost constantly - "You are soooo pregnant, girl."

Okay, that is my rant this month.  As a pregnant woman I reserve the right to complain all I want to.  Just go with it.

Raves {the happy stuff}: 
Now that my tummy is actually sort of a bump and not entirely bloat it is a little more fun to be pregnant!  My energy is slowly returning, too, which is direly needed when you have a 16-month-old.

Recently, at my first "official" appointment we heard the heartbeat (well, Cormac and I did) and though I was a little distracted by the toddler yelling at me, hearing that familiar, quick, thump-thump-thump of the baby's tiny heart brought tears to my eyes.

Another happy thing?   I recently woke up, for the first time in seven weeks, without nausea.  Not to say I haven't had nausea still {I have} but usually first thing in the morning I wake up with that horrific sick feeling that if I don't eat something bland and tasteless I will most definitely vomit.  A break from that was a welcome surprise.
{my 16-month-old and my 12-week bump}
Weight gain: 7 pounds.  Yeah, that is way more than what is recommended during your first tri. My midwife told me I should gain only 20-25 pounds.  I nearly fainted.  Last time I gained 38.  This time it will most likely more.  Sorry, lady.
Nausea:  Subsiding slightly- finally!  It started at six weeks and has been really bad up until now.  Much worse than with Cormac.  Actual vomiting.
Skin: Fine (was super bad last pregnancy!)  No 'glow,' yet.  More like 'sallow.'
Boobs:  Sorry, but since 'the girls' are an important part of pregnancy, thus they shall be included.  I am already up a cup size.  Yikes!  Needless to say, Hubby is thrilled.  All I can say is by 5pm...ouch.  They have hurt a LOT worse this pregnancy, and got bigger faster.
Cravings:  None. For the past twelve weeks I eaten plenty, thus the weight gain...but with little enjoyment.
Aversions:  Until this week everything sounded bad.  I wasn't able to prepare any food, choose restaurants, or even enjoy what I was eating.  It was a foodie's worst nightmare.  Now that is slowly, very slowly,  getting better as well.
Exercise: Still doing pilates/yoga mix class once a week, as well as a couple other days at the gym...but am taking all my workouts a little easier.  Still can run just fine, but getting too cold to take the baby out in the jogging stroller, which is a bummer.  Only run a few times a week, instead of every single day.  Definitely working out more than during my last pregnancy, though!
Clothing:  Still wearing my regular pants, but have started to wear a few maternity tanks and shirts.  Just sooo much longer, more comfy and unlikely to creep up.
Heartbeat: 160...which doesn't tell you much this early.
Baby movement: Nope.  No sweet little flutters yet.  Sometimes when I'm carrying Cormac and he kicks around on my tummy I think I feel something familiar...but it is probably just my uterus being shifted in unnatural directions???
Gender speculation: Everyone says girl.  I think this is just wishful thinking on their parts.  When you have a boy already everyone wants you to have a girl, it seems.  I think two boys would be awesome.  Cormac has been a much fun!  Imagining him with a little bro, playing, fighting and getting into lots and lots of mischief makes me happy.   I've always pictured myself as a "boy mama" and that feeling remains.  However, my motherly intuition says...girl!
{I would love another little boy! But dang I had fun looking at girlie clothes at Target over the weekend!}
Baby names: Ha.  Like I would share that.  Sorry!  :D  Once again we will keep the name a secret until the birth.  I will say that we do have both first names already picked out, be it a girl or a boy.  Middle names are yet to be determined.
Hubby feels: Unprepared for another baby, due to house renovation.  Not nervous about having two - just excited!  Really excited about finding out the gender.  (Prefers boy.)  Feels that his wife is, well, ahem, a teensy bit more difficult to be around during this pregnancy.  Perhaps a little crankier.  Or a lot.

Bump progress:

Hope everyone is having a
lovely Monday!


  1. You will do fine with two! It's a little of an adjustment, but it will come. I am still trying to figure out my timeline, but it will come with time I am sure. AND BTW, that nurse that said you should only 20-25 is crazy! Every woman gains differently. I gained 50 with both kids and my sister gained 70 with both kids. We both tried to eat really healthy our second pregnancies and both gained a ton of weight.

  2. Screw the nurse's weight gain theory. Yes, I hear it at every appt, too. Whatev. ;) Enjoy pregnancy. You are really only pregnant for such a short period of your life. Eat what you want, girl!

    Cormac is so stinkin cute!!! Yep, I am stickin with girl like everyone else.

    Love the 6 week bump photo. Maybe I should look at it while I am working out in Jan. ;) Must get off baby fat by summer. And enjoy it for longer than a few months this time. HAHA.

    Yay to pregnant ladies everywhere!!!

  3. You look great Greta! I am really jealous of your abs at six weeks!! haha!!!

  4. ahhhh you look beautiful!!! and you do have a teeny bump cookin!! emmie and i think it's a girl too but like you said...we love boys just as much. i'm kind of an expert at buying tiny dresses that people don't NEED though, so if she WERE a girl that would work out pretty well! I'm so glad you're feeling better! ...and last but not least i gained 35-40 pounds too, those people are crazy. baby needs some room!

  5. Whaaaaat? That is just rubbish....I never listen to what they say about weight gain. I just try and listen to what my body tells me to eat. I'm not going to NOT eat if I'm hungry. Duh!

    I reckon she was just look GORGEOUS!


  6. Holy crap, girl!! I get busy for a few weeks and you be havin' babies!!! Congrats x10 :) You're only 1 away from the dream three team! And, I totally thought my second was a girl.. having a kid messes with the intuition especially when the pregnancy is different.. I GUESS BOY! and you look amazing.

  7. I am so excited for you! You look great! Congrats!!!

  8. You are so cute! And Your hair looks awesome! Love it :)


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