Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Ever think about where your "happy place" is?  I do.  Maybe it is a thing all mamas do, while their kids are fighting and the house is crazy-messy and the you feel like you might burst into tears if you don't squeeze your eyes shut and mentally escape to the aforementioned "happy place." 

(Or just burst into absurd laughter.  Sometimes, if you don't laugh, you'll cry!  Am I right?) 

Anyway, while I certainly appreciate a nice, warm beach in Mexico, ocean waves crashing and adult drink in my hand, if I had to vote for my happy place it would be my parent's farm in Minnesota.
I am happy to still be able to go there, the same eleven acres I grew up on, and walk/run the trail around the property, thinking big thoughts and listening to the silence of the woods.
I do my best dreaming and planning on these walks.
It doesn't matter the weather.  In fact, our recent visit we were blessed with a snowstorm the day after we arrived, which made the jaunts around the farm even more beautiful.

Colbie waited patiently while I snapped most of these shots with my phone.
I tried to run around the trail with Colbie each day...we both need the fresh air!

looking towards the playhouse from the trail.

I'm always amazed at how intricate details of nature can be.
Occasionally I would stop to warm up in the playhouse.  Cormac is a BIG fan of playing in this - which my dad built from scratch a few years ago.  
Hubby is a big fan of napping up in the loft of the playhouse.
I am a big fan of finding old books my parents have kept since we were little.
Colbie was sometimes allowed into the playhouse.
this was our first "snow experience" this year, so the kids were ecstatic!

Finola enjoyed eating the snow whenever possible.  "Don't eat the yellow snow!" she would parrot.
occasionally we stayed cozy inside!
me and my dad.
Cormac would only cooperate with photos if the fireplace could be in them, too.

sunny winter day out the kitchen bay window.
Bottle of peppermint schnapps that my parents brought back from our ancestors farm in Germany.  They are still distilling after many years, and running a large orchard.  My dad had great stories to tell about meeting them and seeing it all!
the window seat is always a favorite spot.

serious snowy selfie.

at my brother's farm hanging with the cousins.
my little animal lover.
One of our traditions - frozen pizza night!  Nothing fancy for us...we prefer it frozen. :D And with wine, of course! (Besides, I'm not sure there is any place that would deliver out there...)
tired mama - on the long drive home.
sleeping babies.
It was another lovely trip, treasured time with the fam.

Wherever your 'happy place' is, I hope you make it a point to get there as often as you can.