Tuesday, September 7, 2010

{bad spider ju-ju}

The other day I opened up the rickety old window in the laundry room at the back of our house, expecting to see a beautiful fall day.

I raised the bamboo shade {hiding the old window's ugliness} and was aghast at all the spiderwebs. So I thought to myself, "Self, you need to clean this window." So I opened up said window and immediately a huge spider literally jumped at me! I shrieked as it landed on the floor, batted away by my karate-chopping hands, and crawled towards the corner of the room at lightning speed.

I heard my hubby's calm voice from the living room: "What is it?" He did not seem particularly alarmed. Apparently my shrieking is commonplace in our house.

"Sp-sp-sp-spider. Biiiiiig spider. Come kill it."

I don't have much love for insects. I know, I know, the whole circle of life thing. I get it. As long as they are outside I am perfectly comfortable with insects. Inside my house is a whole other ballgame. The death penalty is liberally given out to trespassers of the creepy-crawly kind. So hubby killed it. Bad idea. Karmically speaking.

This brings me to my bad spider ju-ju. I now have a huge spider in my garden that will not leave. I have garden-hosed this sucker down five times, yet my yellow coreopsis plant is where he wants to live! He spins his web over, and over, and over...

Finally I gave up trying to hose him. His will is stronger than mine. I decided we could cohabitate in the garden together. Here is my little spider friend:

I kind of feel nauseous even looking at these pictures. Also like there might be something crawling on me.

As long as he stays in his little space of the garden we will get along just fine. Right???

The moral of this story is: killing insects rather than kindly releasing them out into the wild may come back and bite you. Not literally. Right?