Wednesday, March 13, 2013

one year ago : we were in t-shirts!

When I look at my iPhoto "last twelve months" folder and this video comes up from almost exactly a year ago, it makes me want to cry - a little.

The weather last winter was warm.  We were in T-shirts in March.  We were jovial and lighthearted!  We were running with the running stroller every day.  A rainy day didn't get us down.  No way - we were lovin' life!

Lately it has been gloomy, rainy, snowy, cold, blech...every day.

{well....the weekend was 70 degrees and beautiful. a - snow again!!!?!?!}

Spring, where are you!?!?!  This isn't Minnesota.  I feel a little cheated.  I moved "South" for a reason.  Well, and my hubby.  :D

Hope it is getting warmer where you are!