Wednesday, July 1, 2015

sweet cousin (+ family) pics.

Father's Day this year was simple and sweet.
We travelled to my father-in-law's house for a family meal together with Hubby's sisters.  The whole fam was there, which happens very rarely!  Because my family lives pretty far from me, I have come to appreciate and treasure time with Hubby's fam more and more.

We ate a delicious meal, the kids got to play together, and we caught up a bit.  

I had meant to take photos of the entire group, but, of course, I forgot my tripod and the baby's nap schedule through a wrench in my well-intended plans.  However, we did get some darling shots of 3 our of 4 that is something!

Aren't they precious?
fin (2) emmie (almost 3) mac(almost 4) (missing due to nap : sloane - 4 mos)
girl cousins sharing giggles

loooooove the hand-holding!
My SIL Jen even got a few of our little group...always hard to get everyone looking at the camera, but since never get pics of our fam I adore these, despite the kids totally not cooperating.
wow, just wow.
really, our kids like us, I swear.
being somewhat cooperative.
all looking moderately happy + facing the direction of camera - a win!
How often do you take family photos?  
Do you pay a professional?
Have a friend with a good camera take them?
We have yet to do anything professional, but every year I think we need to to just suck it up and  plunk down the cash for it.  

Anyway, in case I don't post before then, I hope everyone has an amazing Fourth of July weekend!!!!