Friday, July 20, 2012

{a first haircut}

Before the big 'first birthday' event last Saturday, Hubby and I decided that Baby needed a haircut - bad.

So we took him to a place nearby and, even though I have heard that first haircuts can be emotionally traumatizing for mothers, I fully expected to be completely apathetic.  I mean, it's just a haircut.  Right?

Hairdresser {eyeing me as I'm snapping photo after photo like a crazy mamarazzi}:  Awwww.  Do you want to keep a lock of his hair?

Me:   Psssshhh naw I don't need to.  What would I do with it?  The pictures will be enough.  {snap, snap, snap}

Hairdresser {looking doubtful as she snips} : Are you sure?  So many moms want to keep some....

She clearly had seen crazy quite a few times, and I fit the bill.

Me: No, really, I'm good.

Then, about halfway through, yes, I snatched a clump of his baby-fine blonde hair.
Off the floor.
And shoved it in my purse.

Then I even teared up a little.

Baby survived it.
Mama survived it.

Daddy, of course, kept us calm and together.

Happy weekend!