Monday, May 12, 2014

mama confessions : what makes the battle(s) worth the fighting?

My son loves the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
So do I.
Even more so now that I have two little blond-haired kiddos.
My own little Jeremy and Jemima.
Anyway, since I introduced Cormac to this classic musical about a year ago, just after I had Finola,  I completely fell in love with one of the songs in particular.  
"You Two"
I now sing it regularly to both of them.
They adore that.
They don't yet their mom breaking into song and serenading them is weird.
I will relish that as long as I can.

If you need reminding how great this song is watch the clip below.
Just picture me as Dick van Dyke
(but with shorter legs and far less musical ability.)

* * * * * * 
Anyway, yesterday was Mother's Day, and nothing went exactly as planned.
There were various meltdowns.  Several frazzling moments.  Plans that got abandoned.
I mean, let's be honest...
motherhood can be hard at times.
There are battles - particularly with a strong-willed, spirited toddler.
Some days end and you feel like you've lost them all.
Then there are the times you feel victorious.
Whatever the outcome of the day, or the battle, 
the day starts over and you are still a mother.

So, "what makes the battle worth the fighting?"
As a mother, you know.
The aching love you feel for those babies.
The joys you get to experience, 
again and again,
through the simplest things.
The knowledge that they are solely dependent on you
(at least when they are tiny.)
The hope they represent.

Despite a few little battles yesterday, 
it ended up a beautiful, simple, memorable day.
Nothing fancy.
Sweet cards, church,  Jimmy John's, family photo (that I didn't have to orchestrate) some alone time, 
and then a carnival down the street.

Here are some pics from our late afternoon excursion: 
getting cormac to cooperate for a 'mother's day photo' was one of the day's tiny battles

eventually he warmed to the idea
kisses for sister
we walked to a local carnival - just like last year (except this time I was not pregnant!)
first ferris wheel ride - he loved it!

finola got tired but was a trooper

I hope all the mamas out there had a beautiful day.
Keep fighting those battles.  
Totally worth it.