Monday, December 31, 2012

ten reasons I'm afraid to have a girl

It's official.  We are having...
. . . . 
 . . . . 
  . . . . 
   . . . . 
    . . . .
to wait until the birth to find out the gender.  

I'm excited and petrified all at the same time.  I like to be super mentally/physically prepared for everything as much as is humanly possible, and waiting on the gender of our second babe is sure to be a challenge.

Hubby wants to wait - and am I now officially on board!  Er, as much as a control freak can be.

I figure we did it my way the first time, and it will be interesting to change it up a bit this pregnancy.

As I've been pretty open about, I've always pictured myself as a 'boy mama.'  I see myself as the 'alpha female' in the house.  I've loved my experience with Cormac, who is more and more 'boy' the older he gets.  Climbing on everything, jumping on everything, letting out gutteral boy yells constantly...and yet so, so, so affectionate and sweet.  He is a kisser, a hugger, a snuggler, a total lover.   I would adore another little boy.

However, there are things I could get really excited about if it is a girl, though, too.  I love girl clothes, girl decor, and almost all things girlie.  I know little girls who seem sweet, balance and normal.  Plus, from all I have heard girls are much easier when they are little {albeit harder when they reach the pre-teen/teen years.   But all in all, having a girl worries me more than it excites me.  Just being honest.

So we'll see.  God knows better than me what will be perfect for our fam.

'Til then, here are some girls and things about girls that scare this lil mama...

1. Honey Boo Boo.  So they say that having a girl 'steals the mother's beauty.'  Hmmm...
Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

2. Snooki
Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

3. This picture.  I think it is supposed to be cute and make you want to have a little girl.  It has the opposite effect on me.  Makes my skin crawl.  Can we just let little girls be "kids" and not "miniature women?"  Eeesh.
Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

4. The cost of prom/homecoming/dance classes, etc. etc. etc.
5. The cost of weddings.
6. The teenage years.  This is when I will have to get used to my baby that I birthed telling me how much she hates me and I "don't understand" which I probably won't.

7. The 'mommy issues' she will surely have.  I'm sorry, but even those who claim their mother is 'perfect and amazing' have 'mommy issues.'  Their issue in particular might be 'delusion.'

8. Watching her get her heart broken by boys I know are not worth her time anyway, but can't tell her that because it would only make her despise me. 'Nough said.

9. Being suspicious of every man that looks at her.

10. Mean girls.  Hopefully she wouldn't be one...but surely she will have to deal with them.

The only thing that restores my faith in having a daughter is reading Little Women or Jane Austen novels.  Surely my daughter will turn out like Jo March or Elizabeth Bennett, right?