Monday, November 16, 2015

30 days of...trying to make it to group fitness.

Week two of my November challenge - 30 Days of Group Fitness - hit a major snafu.

You see, I had awesome intentions, I was feeling pumped to dive into another week, and then... happened.

My son got sick Sunday night.  The icky, sad, pathetic kind of sick that makes your heart ache as a mama.  Thankfully it only lasted the night, and Monday morning he was feeling much better, but obviously we were in for the day.  No school, and definitely no trips to the gym.  I managed to do an online video workout during nap time - which was actually an awesome alternative!  (I did this sixty minute Ladder 10 workout on!)

Tuesday I made it to an early morning Body Works + Abs conditioning class, Wednesday I did a mid-morning spin, and Thursday was another awesome Barre class.  (I am addicted to Barre, ya'll!)  I wrote about these classes in last week's post if you want my take on any of them.

Friday, though, whew.  I woke up completely sick.  Nauseous, body aching, exhausted.  Then my two-year-old, usually a boisterous whirlwind of blonde curls, yelled sadly from her bed, "I'm sick!"

So went our day.  Lots of "getting sick," to put it politely.   I don't think I moved from the couch except to do the absolutely necessary "mom duties" and to run to the bathroom.   Hubby was out of town on business and I have no family in town to help last-minute, so it was a rough one.  My son was super patient and seemed to have no problem spending the day watching movies and playing independently while the two sick ladies of the house struggled through.

Saturday we both felt much better, but I wasn't gonna push my luck and go to my scheduled Body Works class.  Sunday Finola was sick (again - this time with congestion and stuffy nose) and since I had planned this as my rest day anyway, I took it.

I think we all have those kind of weeks.  We have the best of intentions.  We tell ourselves we are going to work out every day, or maybe three times that week, and then - boom.  Life.  As a somewhat intense, type-A person this kind of thing bothers me more than it should.   That loss of control.   The changes in plans that happen unexpectedly.  I'm working on it -- being kinder to myself.
I am thinking of buying this etsy print and carrying it with me wherever I go.
Plus, I think God was telling me my body needed a break...because He knows I wouldn't have taken it unless forced!

This week I plan to take it a little easier.  Ideally I plan to try to do: boot camp, body works, spinning, barre, yoga, rowing, and a beginner Crossfit...but I'll be happy to make it to 4-5 of those, prioritizing the new ones.

Thank you to everyone for some awesome suggestions of new classes!!!!!  Keep them coming! Despite the difficulty this week, and re-charged and really enjoying seeing what my body can do, and what my mind actually enjoys doing!

Prayers for everyone's good health this week!