Thursday, August 30, 2012

chinese birth chart: a sham... *tear*

This is exactly why I am (usually) not superstitious.

My one superstitious weakness was the Chinese Birth Chart, which, because every single mama I had talked to said it was correct in their case, I decided maybe the Chinese knew what they were talking about.

I even started looking ahead to the next twelve months, deciding which specific months Hubby and I might possibly try to conceive our second child.  {I'll let you guess whether we would prefer a girl or a boy.}

Yes, I know.  Crazy.  Obsessive planner.  Nutcase.

My husband in particular thought it was annoying that I would put faith in any such chart.  "It is always a 50/50 chance," he would say, ever my logical better-half.

Still I would argue that because of how many people it is accurate for there must be something to this chart.

It was true for all three of my sister's babies.  It was accurate for every pregnant friend of mine thus far.

Then, recently I discovered that some of these friends had gone by a completely different chart than I had. Somehow, the Chinese have at least two charts predicting their births.  Wha???

Here is the one I went by when I was pregnant with Cormac:

It showed that Cormac was, in fact, a boy.

However, I recently was shown, by my blog friend Julie, that the chart she had looked at {which had correctly predicted the gender of her son} was completely opposite of what mine said.  Check it out here:

Hers says Cormac should have been a girl.

It doesn't happen often, but let the record show, Hubby : I was wrong.  :}

I will hereby cease my obsession with the Chinese Birth Chart.