Friday, September 11, 2015

stitch fix : london fix

I can't believe only one year ago I started doing Stitch Fix.  Oh, how my closet has changed since then!  

I have been able to re-define what my personal style really is - and get rid of all the rest.  This was important for me to do, post pregnancies, when I really didn't understand my post-baby style/body.  I am still working on it, and having an online personal stylist at Stitch Fix has really helped me try different styles, and just pay more attention to fashion in general.  I didn't want to get (stay?) stuck in a style rut just because I mostly wear gym clothes and chase toddlers all day.

Besides helping me be a fashionable mama, it is just a lot of FUN!  

Have you tried Stitch Fix yet?  If not, you should.  You really, really should, because you just might find getting a package in the mail with five picks from your stylist as thrilling as I do!  You may not keep it all, but you may get some really fantastic pieces that you love and become staples in your wardrobe.  I know I have!

This Fix I was really wanting some neutral fall pieces that might be good for travel for our upcoming trip!  I gave a few suggestions on things I might want to see, and my stylist Hillary definitely sent pieces that were in line with my style and what I requested.  

Okay, onto the goods...

#1 Ridge Zipper Detail Cowl Neck Sweater (by RD Style)
#2 Huron Reversible Tote (by Street Level)
I wanted this ivory cowl-neck sweater to work so bad!  Check out those zippers on the wrists - adore that detail!  But something about the material made me cranky.  I kept having to try to work to get it to look right on me.  It was clingy and kinda bunched up weird and I didn't love the seam right down the front.  If I feel crabby wearing something for twenty minutes I knew it just wasn't meant to be. Sigh.  RETURN.

The bag was lovely leather, and reversible to a grayish tan, but the strap was too short, as I wanted a big tan cross-body bag for my trip.  Super cute burgundy color, though!  If I was a workin' girl (you know, at an office) I would have kept for sure.  But I need something more suitable for travel (and diapers.) Also a RETURN.
#3 : Myra Bootcut Jean (by Level 99)
sweater : Target (last year)
These jeans are just kinda, well, amaaaaazing.  Can I get an "amen" that flares and bootcut jeans are back in style???  All the curvy girls are like, "Praise Jesus!" At least I am.  I mentioned in my note to my stylist that I'd maybe like some flares or wide-leg denim or maybe a pair of soft gray I guess this was kind of a happy medium from my stylist, Hillary. (This is the 3rd time she has styled my Fix - love her!)  These jeans are super soft, stretchy, and flattering to the bum.  Perfect.  Now I just need to get some black pointy-toed pumps to wear with them this fall! KEPT!
jeans : Stitch Fix! 
This oatmeal jacket was unexpected style that was just okay for me.  I couldn't quite get the collar to lay right when it was buttoned...or unbuttoned.  It didn't blow my hair back in any way. while it is neutral and comfy (yay!) it was too boring for the price point. (sigh.) RETURN.

I love the color burgundy and flowy boho pieces so I thought this would be a keep.  It also has a really cute back detail that earned points with me.  But, like the cowl-neck, just something wasn't right about the fit.  I recently rid my wardrobe of anything I didn't adore; therefore, if I don't love it I cannot keep it.  So...RETURN.

I am a tad bummed there was only one keep, but LOVE the gray jeans + still had fun trying on the items with the rest of my wardrobe.  It is a good way to take another look at what you already have and make smart decisions about what you need to fill in "style gaps."    

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I don't get anything from Stitch Fix for writing about my experiences, but if you are inspired by this post to sign up, then please use my link!  If you do, I get a referral credit of $25...which is pretty amazing when it happens.  You can refer and get this bonus, too!

Okay, so soon we will be heading to London and Amsterdam - crazy excited!
Neither Hubby or I have been to either city so it should be interesting.
You should see inside my suitcase, ya'll.
A whole lotta gray, black and olive!

Fall is here - hurrah!