Friday, April 1, 2011

bathroom storage: {girlie dilemma to delight}

Men: before you move in with a lady, please be prepared for the necessary space she may require.
First off: 
I love old, historic homes.
Unfortunately, sometimes in order to have those gorgeous original hardwoods and 11.5 foot ceilings, you sacrifice large bathrooms/closet space.

Which brings me to my bathroom dilemma: all my crap...and where to put it.

My husband doesn't seem to get it, but: chicks have stuff.  Lots of it.  Many products that may or may not be necessary every day.  It doesn't matter. 

I adore girlie stuff: makeup, clothes, lotion, accessories, clothes, perfume, clothes...but I digress.

Since moving in to our home Hubby and I have been sharing one sink in the teeny jack-and-jill bathroom that adjoins two small bedrooms {sense a theme?} upstairs.   

Let me just say this: two grown people should NOT share one sink.  It is not natural.

Exhibit A: My crap Our sink on a given morning
{hubby loves me.  hates my crap everywhere.}

My itty-bitty space in the itty-bitty medicine cabinet. This is barely a fraction of my womanly wares:

{really narrow shelves = stuff falling into sink constantly}

 My crammed-full drawer:
{cursing ensues each morning when I have to take literally everything out of this drawer to get ready. Rrrraaaarrg!}
Now enter your exclusive sneak peak of the "new" master bathroom...

Both hubby and I get our very own {ginormous} mirrored medicine cabinet
{I love how much of my girlie goodness I can cram in this baby!}

Not one, but two drawers each...
which I have added some clear organizing bins to
so I can even more stuff!


Drawer two...I have a lot of empty space in this lovely!
{does that mean I have to buy more stuff?}

Mirrors and vanity sink cabinet were purchased at Ikea.
Installed by amazing hubby.

Organizers I just got on sale at Target.
No assembly required.

More of the bathroom reveal to come!

**heart pumping wildly in excitement**

Love --