Tuesday, May 10, 2016

unboxing my stitch fix!

If you follow my blog you know I love Stitch Fix.  This time around I thought it might be fun to give you guys a glimpse into the whole Stitch Fix experience if you haven't tried it...so I'm sharing an "unboxing" video this month!   I've noticed a bunch of other bloggers doing this, and it looked kinda fun.  Or at least something different to try!

Well, when my Fix is delivered I absolutely cannot do anything else until I open the box.  (Even though I had already peeked at my items on the Stitch Fix app!)  In this video you see me attempt to get a few minutes to do the unboxing on camera, but obviously with two tiny tots that no longer take naps it is pretty impossible to do anything solo in my house.  So you'll see and hear a LOT of Finola on the video. Huge props to the mama bloggers who somehow manage to film these with no distractions!


Oh, and if you are curious, here was my note to my stylist, Hillary...
Dear Hillary - Some ideas...I would love a fun off-the-shoulder top! I pinned some I am loving! A light-weight, neutral long sleeved shirt to quickly throw on. Still looking for a white, dressy tank top that is flattering on me! A cotton, comfy midi-skirt in a neutral (but not light gray.) Dark wash (comfy) skinny or flared jeans with a decent amount of distressing. I would try shoes! I like strappy heels, heels with fringe or some cute wedges! (No other accessories.) Thanks! So excited!

Clearly I went a little crazy with the exclamation points.  Sorry Hillary.

But...based on my unboxing, how do you think she did???

Do you have a stylist with Stitch Fix that you request every time?

Stay tuned for my official "Mother's Day Fix" post -- and find out what I kept! 

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